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Slick Reship

(44 reviews)

Reliable reshipping that works for you.

Your Private IT Addresses:

£50pm - Access to 100 Addresses

£75pm - Access to 200 Addresses

£100pm - Access to 400 Addresses

£150pm - Access to 800 Addresses

£300pm - Access to 2000 Addresses

Important: Only 1 week of storage is allowed. Zalando is BANNED.

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Bulk IT Address Owner

Low Cost Reshipping
Join us here at Slick and benefit from reshipping costs as low as £4.20 per item!
Active Staff
Benefit from active staff - typical replies are within 24 hours of your original query.
Extensive Coverage
All premium Slick customers get access to addresses all across the globe - currently covering 20+ countries!
Customer Q&A
Q: Hey, how expensive is platform drop-off?
A: Hi there, Shipping from our reshippers straight to a company like StockX will incur a fee of £1 per item, ontop of the reshipping fee Any other questions feel free to ask Thanks, PandaShoez.
Asked on Aug 31, 2023
Q: Hello, Do you recommend / have a service to plug in order to have best posting price. And even better an API which give you the total price direct
A: At this moment in time, we do not. However it's certainly on the list for the future! We do however have a list of guidance prices to ship from X country to Z country.
Asked on Jul 20, 2023
Q: Do you have usa as a reshiper?
A: Yes we do.
Asked on Jul 31, 2023
Customer reviews
4.82 out of 5
(44 reviews)
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a year ago
I lost 6 Big red boot packages value over $2000 because the US reshipper just quits and staff has no idea what do with him. They denied all their responsibility. What a rippoff service!!! Stay away from them. Their slow replies are like these: "No on these particular pairs at the moment boss, do the labels expire" "I havent heard anything from XXX in regards to these pairs mate, sorry" "Well there is very little we can do when orders are placed to a reshipper that no longer works for us and has moved houses. We will try to see if Mikey can do anything, but ultimately, we give people warning reshippers are stepping down etc and if orders are placed these are done at your own liability.I would maybe advise reaching out to the merchant you used to purchase and see if they're able to do anything / assist you." "I couldn't tell you tbh. At the end of the day, you've placed an order when we quite clearly said not too. We will try to work with you but you need to accept the fact it may not be a fast process and like I said before, I would really advise reaching out to the company you purchased from to see what they can do etc." I actually placed order on 19/2 before their announcement on 3/3. They also reassured that they're in contact with reshipper, nothing will happen with member's order UPDATE: They now advise me to report lost package to seller. Apprarently, they don't do any background check on reshipper and don't even have his phone number "We have XXX’s email not his phone, you said shipping was in april, when XXX would still be at home but unfortunately hes moved out and it’s hard for us to gain contact with him considering he hasnt been a reshipper for 2 months now but we are trying all forms of communication of what we have. Is it not worth contacting the supplier and claim that the shoes were stolen as they were just left on the front porch like that?"
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a year ago
ScottL reshipped really well, helped me and knew exactly what he was doing!
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a year ago
Really bad service, have been waiting a month+ for my parcels to be shipped, waiting days for a reply from reshipper and overall shit support. Comments being deleted when saying publicly I’ve had issues etc
About the seller
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Slick Reship
Reselling • General

44 reviews

Use our services to acquire products globally from our background-checked and vetted reshippers to take your reselling career to the next level! We have competitive reshipping rates, bulk discounts, bulk buyers and over 30 different countries in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania for use, you will never struggle to acquire stock again. Resale platform drop off (StockX, Alias, Restocks, etc) Access to COD addresses. Never worry about payment options again, Stripe payments with our customized commercial invoices to aid with your tax reports. Exclusive group buys and giveaways.

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