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Solar Tools

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Your all-in-one email tool

Do you want to scale your botting setup? Are you tired of purchasing overprized emails and accounts that constantly get banned? Look no further! Solar Tools offers a wide range of email generators and account generators.

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Email Generators
- Outlook - Gmail - Yahoo - AOL - Web.de - GMX - iCloud
Account Generators
- Nike - Amazon - Ticketmaster
- Outlook reverify - Gmail reverify - Free gmail clip checking
Smart Inbox
- Inbox for ten thousands of emails - Skip forwarding - Email mass management - Link Grabber
Customer question & answers
Ticketmaster US accounts?
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18d ago
Just joined again recently, the generator is working amazing. Better than any other one I've tried and the monthly fee is perfect!
Purchased 9 months ago
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25d ago
Purchased 1 year ago
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1 month ago
Purchased 5 months ago
What makes Solar different?
We have 3+ years experience in email generation and our emails are the best they can get in terms of quality and longevity!
What is the big advantage?
Our software enables you to scale your setup and save money by creating your own emails and accounts instead of buying them!
Whats your refund policy?
We have a strict no refund policy!
Are you limited to the EU?
No we focus on providing the best possible experience for customers worldwide with a heavy focus on US, EU and Asia!
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Solar Tools
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144 reviews

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Do you dream of optimising your botting setup with high-quality accounts and emails?📧 Look no further!💭 Solar Tools is the market-leading GUI Account generating software, making this dream a reality! 👑 With SolarTools, you can generate and manage unlimited accounts for all of your favourite sites at the click of a button💻

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