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Precision Picks, Stellar Results - Backed by Machine Learning

Are you looking to liftoff your sports betting potential? Using the most sophisticated and trustworthy AI technology, backed by over two and a half years of rigorous R&D? If so, you're at the right place.

We're one of the only groups to use REAL machine learning to target both live and pregame opportunities, ranging from player props, moneylines, spreads, over/unders, and more!

Current Coverage:

  • MLB and KBO⚾
  • Over 60 Soccer Leagues⚽
  • Live NBA, WNBA🏀
  • NFL, CFL, and UFL🏈
  • NHL🏒
  • Live Player Props +EV Hunter!
  • International basketball, hockey, and soccer!

Software Included:

  • NOVA: AI Pregame Soccer Straights and Parlays
  • Odyssey: Live Corner and Goal Play Alerts Powered by NOVA
  • Solaris: Machine-Learning Live Basketball Alert System
  • Nebula: Soccer First Half Goal Cheat Sheet System
    • T1 - T5 Alerts. The higher the T, the higher the confidence!
  • Full Access to Baseball, Football, and Hockey Analysis Systems!

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~What Sets Us Apart?~
Trust the accuracy and reliability of our predictive bots, which use cutting-edge machine learning models
~Parlay Generator~
Pregame parlay generation using AI. Consistent 7 to 25% ROI, long-term.
~Professional Insights~
Enjoy the benefits of over 2 years of R&D by a professional Data Scientist and Sports Analytics researcher
~Daily Picks~
Get access to live and pregame analysis software for various sports
~Close-Knit Community~
Join a vibrant community of sports enthusiasts and experts who share tips and insights
Frequent giveaways, exclusively for members!
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Customer reviews
4.84 out of 5
(51 reviews)
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12 days ago
I've been in this discord since June. As an honest review, I'd like to give my feedback/experience. 1. If you go into this with an open mindset, willing to learn, and applying patience, consistency and bankroll management, you will absolutely succeed. 2. The data was a little intimidating at first. But if you go to the user guide section, you'll get the cliff notes of what's going on. Again, I'm late to this game, but I feel Duckie and gang are in the midst of something huge, and it's only getting better. There's even a support channel where you can suggest ideas or improvements. 3. The community is great. This isn't like high school where you get clowned for asking a question. Literally, every time I've asked a question, either Duckie, or anyone, answers pretty fast. And the kicker, everyone is super chill. I don't feel like it's one of those toxic betting discords. I'm not much of a talker in the chats, but I enjoy the banter and comradery this discord has. What's worked for me. - Look for updates from Duckie on his software and overall discord. Don't be afraid to ask for clarity, but read what's there twice and let it sink. I follow the following: -Nebula (T5, T4, T2) plays, -Solaris plays -Nova hybrid plays/sgp's (I usually pick what I like and what I feel is safe, but you can manage your own risk with the information given in the daily cards) -Duckie and Audial plays. Now don't get me wrong, there's other cappers in the counsel that are just as great, but this is what worked for me. Find a process, stick to it, manage bankroll, and there is no reason why you shouldn't be in the green. Overall, I am pleased with my purchase and I feel the service that is offered is more than fairly priced. Thank you Duckie, Counsel and Stellariea Sports.
User avatar
13 days ago
As someone new to sports betting, watching the experience members in this server has taught me a lot. I highly recommend this server to anyone interested in sports betting at any level. I joined this server off of a free trial and have stuck around since. Initially, joining the server might feel overwhelming with everything coming at you. Once you get used to it though, you'll see that the server has great software written for baseball and soccer, along with recently upgraded software for basketball, which has been phenomenal for me so far. The community of people have also been great. The server is full of experienced bettors who know what they are doing and more than willing to discuss various games, players, and sports.
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13 days ago
The software is accurate and the people are good. The owner and others in the group do everything they can to give you an advantage. Members of the group offer a wide variety of perspectives and knowledge on different sports. The software is beyond what I thought was possible and this may be a glimpse into the future.
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Stellariea Sports
Sports Picks • Soccer

51 reviews

Years of data science and machine learning research across 5 sports, rolled into one of the world's most innovative sport modeling companies. We leverage stats, not feelings, to produce some of the most accurate predictive software available to sports enthusiasts.

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