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Online and Instore focused UK/EU group

Elevate your shopping game with STR8PINGS: a UK/EU-focused store group with a dedicated and efficient team of 10+ staff constantly in-store. Experience rapid monitors and pings, ensuring you won't miss out on any in-store drops. Moreover, we go beyond major shoe drops by offering profitable avenues like collectibles, tickets, and brick flips. Need help or got queries? Our experienced resellers and admin are here to assist. Enjoy an exclusive offer: a custom deliveroo bot that brings you discounted food! All this at an initial price of £23.0 every 30 day renewal. Opt in today and redefine your profit journey.

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The BEST London Instore Info
With 10+ Staff constantly instore, as well as blazing fast monitors and pings, you will not miss a single instore drop!
Brick / Lowkey / Other Flips
Alongside major shoe drops, we offer plenty of other ways to make money including collectibles, tickets and brick flips!
Wide Range of Monitors
Of course, we have monitors for all sites you could think of!
24/7 Support
If you need any help/have questions, we have a team of experienced resellers as staff who will help with any request.
66% Off Deliveroo Bot
We have a custom deliveroo bot that generates accounts and discount codes for you, so you can eat for very cheap!
Customer question & answers
Is the main plan £23 a month not the trial
Yes, the £23 membership includes instant WhatsApp and discord access. The trial plan gives you access to WhatsApp only once your trial finishes.
Answered 1 month ago
how long will the waitlist be?
We are available now !
Answered 3 months ago
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5 out of 5
(9 reviews)
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8 months ago
Best And Only cook group with all the information!! Join Str8pings today
Purchased member 8 months ago
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8 months ago
The best and only cookgroup you need! Join str8pings to do big things.
Purchased Str8pings Pass 1 year ago
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10 months ago
Best resell group by a mile.
Purchased Str8pings Pass 1 year ago
How do we join the WhatsApp?
Once you are a fully paying member (i.e. your trial finishes, and you are on the Main Plan) you can submit your number in the #numbers channel, and we will manually add you to the group! Make sure to remind us if we are taking long, sometimes we don't see the notifications!
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Instore / online UK focused cook group. Unmatched London instore information, with 10+ active in-store staff, as well as online guides, and monitors to ensure you don't miss any release, instore or online!

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