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Tempo Eventz

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Event Ticket Reselling

🎉 Tempo Event Ticket Reselling Telegram: Join The Winning Team 🚀

💼 How You Make Money:

  1. Join: Click the link to become part of Tempo Eventz Telegram.
  2. Find Tickets: Find high-demand tickets as requested.
  3. Provide Source: Share ticket details and source information.
  4. Get Paid: Enjoy a hassle-free, instant payout for your efforts!
  5. Marketplace: Sell your own tickets in our WTS/WTB Market

Ready to join a winning team with effortless earnings? Click the link to be part of Tempo Eventz Sourcerz now!

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Effortless Earnings
Earn a 20% profit share for every ticket you find, without the hassle of finding buyers.
Weekly Ticket Flips
Multiple ticket flipping opportunities and strategies posted weekly
Free Membership
Joining Tempo Eventz Sourcing is completely free. No hidden fees or subscription costs.
Instant Payouts
Get paid in any method you prefer for finding tickets, without the frustrating wait like Viagogo or StubHub.
Ticket Marketplace
WTB/WTS Marketplace for all event tickets so you can sell your tickets
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Customer reviews
4 out of 5
(1 reviews)
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6 months ago
Great team and organization
How does it work?
Join the group, find high-demand tickets, share the source with us, and earn a 20% cut when the ticket is sold.
What types of events are covered?
We cover a wide range of events, including concerts, sports games, and more. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events.
Is there a limit to how many tickets I can source?
No, there's no limit. Source as many tickets as you can and maximize your earnings!
How do I get paid?
We offer instant payouts in the method you prefer, providing a hassle-free earnings experience.
Is Tempo Eventz Sourcing affiliated with specific ticket platforms?
Tempo Eventz Sourcing operates independently and is not affiliated with any specific ticket platforms.
About the seller
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Tempo Eventz
Reselling • Tickets

1 review

Tempo Eventz, a flourishing six-figure enterprise, specializes in reselling event tickets globally. Whether it's concerts or sports events, we cover it all. Our streamlined process ensures swift transactions without the extended waiting periods associated with platforms like Viagogo or StubHub.

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