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Experience the power of FOCUSED Access - your tool to scaling your reselling journey to the next level. For $50/month, with a 30-day billing period, you get unlimited access to our standout features such as

• IG Reselling Guide • Local Reselling Guide • Lowkey Flips • Streetwear Flips • Funko Flips • Ticket Flips • FBA Flips • Instore Flips • Sneaker Release Information • Loops • Webinars • Monthly Steals • CONSIGNMENT

Come take your reselling journey to the next level.


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Exclusive Consignment
Access to multiple consignments stores which will significantly increase your payouts.
IG Reselling Guide
Exclusive guide made by Stay Focused Frank that helps jumpstart your if sneaker reselling journey!
Local Reselling Guide
Exclusive guide made by Stay Focused Frank that help you make deals locally around your area!
1 on 1 Support
1 on 1 support if you have any questions, concerns, or inquires with our staff including me, Stay Focused Frank :)
Access to auto checkout where bot providers cop sneakers FOR YOU on release day!
Monthly Steals
Monthly Steals where you can get sneakers for under market/retail to be able to easily make a profit!
We provide both online and instore flips that are designed to make you money!
We provide guides on everything you need to know in order to get started reselling or botting!
Customer Q&A
Q: How do i join
A: We are launching in the coming weeks...
Asked on Feb 25, 2024
Q: do you guys only focus on sneakers or clothes too?
A: We focus on a large variety of things including sneakers and clothes. We also focus on brick flips, lowkey flips, botting, nike and shopify restocks, deal monitors and much more. Anything that is profitable we look for to benefit our members.
Asked on Mar 4, 2024
Customer reviews
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(12 reviews)
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1 month ago
Good Group, Nice & Helpful People, 10/10 Would Recommend
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1 month ago
Great group has all the early info! Also a ton of help with consignment as well as pricing errors and deals.
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1 month ago
I really enjoyed my experience during the one month that i subscribed for. I was able to know exactly when a specific shoe restocked, get all the right plays for sports betting, and i even got a few sales during my time. It's a good investment and I recommended it to a couple of friends and I wont cease to recommend it.
What is your refund policy?
If you are not 100% satisfied and on the rare occasion you do not make any profit. We will refund 100% of your payments
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The "FOCUSED" Group
Reselling • Sneakers

12 reviews

Sneaker Reselling Community Take your reselling to the next level... Stay Focused.

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