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TikTok Mastery

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8 days ago
Great group. Offers awesome course.
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a month ago
Im sorry to say I came in with a lot of hope but I found no one to answer to my questions nor to guide me through and I just can afford to keep paying for it. I sent few messages that never got answered.
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a month ago
I've purchased 3 courses on this site on Tiktok Shops. This is - by MILES - the best one and has given me the most value. Matt talks about everything - from how to setup Tiktok Shop (even for people outside the US), how to shoot videos, how to script, how to use Midjourney if you want to do AI videos. There is also a module on how to setup your Tiktok lives. He shows you his affiliate dashboard, his Tiktok account and posts the videos he demonstrated how to make. So he has actually done it himself. There is also a brief module on how to access the CBP program but this course is mostly about Shops. You'll come out of this a Tiktok expert.