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Join our community and get access to exclusive alerts for new liquor releases and restocks. Never miss a chance to snag your favorite spirits again!

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1 year ago
Great deals and an awesome community for booze enthusiasts!
Which site do you monitor?
We are mainly monitoring US and European Sites.
Would you help me get started?
Yes, our team will go through everything with you and we will always be at your side if you have any questions.
Can i cancel at any time?
The only available payment method is credit card. You will be charged automatically and you are able to cancel the subscription whenever you want.
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The Whiskey Club
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Welcome to the Whiskey Club! We are a US-based community dedicated to providing a valuable resource for information about liquor. As a member of our community, you will have access to high-speed monitors that will alert you when new products are available for purchase online and when existing products are restocked, ensuring that you never miss a chance to get your hands on your favorite spirits. Our monitors cover a wide range of sources, including KLwines, MasterOfMalt, Plumpjackwines, Healthyspirits, Bittersandbottles, Seelbachs, Totalwine, Bevmo, Internetwines, Maisoncorbeaux, Caskstore, TheMacallan, News, and many more. You will be the first to know when new liquor becomes available online, so you can grab your favorite whiskey before it's out of stock. In addition to high-speed monitors, we offer a range of other features, including New Release Alerts, which allow members to post alerts to each other when new releases become available online or when they are rumored to be on their way. Our New Release Calendar is the only comprehensive calendar of new release whiskies online, ensuring that you stay up-to-date on every new release and never miss out. Our community is a supportive one, where you can connect with fellow enthusiasts, whether you're new to collecting or an old-hand. Our members are always eager to share knowledge, tips, and experience with all members, making the community a great place to learn and grow. Finally, you can share your spoils with other members, whether it's a monthly haul or just what got delivered today. Share photos of your latest purchases with an appreciative audience. We hope you join our community of whiskey lovers and take advantage of all the features we offer. Cheers!

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