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Q: Does this include stock/calls/options as well or just crypto?
A: Yes, there are analysts that provide trade ideas for stocks/options.
Asked on Jun 15, 2023
Q: Is there an option for just 1 month membership? Would like to have a try first to see how it does. Thanks.
A: Yes there is! Please review the product page carefully, you will find four payment options available: - 1 month paid in crypto - 1 month paid by credit card - 3 months paid in crypto - 3 months paid by credit card
Asked on Aug 10, 2023
Q: Hello. Im from Belgium and i would like to join the haven. But the only payment option is creditcard which i dont have. Do you have other options?
A: Hello. There are both card and crypto payment options available. Select "The Haven Membership (Crypto Payment)" to purchase a membership with crypto. You do NOT need a Coinbase account.
Asked on Jun 14, 2023
Q: If I join at the end of month, do I still get a full month of membership or does it finish on the end of a current calendar month?
A: Regardless of when you join, you will get 30 days of membership. If you join at the end of the month, you still get a full 30 days of membership.
Asked on Jun 28, 2023
Q: Do you offer a copy trader service
A: We do not offer a copy trader service. Analysts post trade ideas and members can do whatever they want with the information.
Asked on Aug 29, 2023
Q: Hello, do you share signals?
A: Analysts post trade ideas and members can do whatever they want with the information. See our feed here to get a sneak peek of how trade ideas are formatted: https://twitter.com/TheHavenCrypto
Asked on Nov 26, 2023
Q: Do you have Chat for members?
A: Yes. There are 9 chat channels to chat with other members or the analysts directly.
Asked on Mar 15, 2024
Q: Does this membership allow access to the analysts mentioned on the course? Like tradermayne and the rest?
A: Hello. Yes, members have access to the 6 analysts mentioned. Tradermayne is included in that.
Asked on Apr 16, 2024
Q: Does previous live sessions are available as VODs?
A: Yes, the previous live streams are viewable at any time after the stream has ended.
Asked on Feb 12, 2024