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8 days ago
A very bad level of trading, if it weren't for CBS and LOMA, this VIP would be dead Do you think someone has been starting up the last 2 months? No, only in the last few days of CBS (1 of the analysts!!) not being able to see a trend change raises questions. Constant meaningless spam with the same thing, or constant AFK of analysts - that's what you get by paying for access here, it seems that some analysts earn only on this VIP, and not with their trading, because it has been too bad for the last month. If you come here just for the thoughts/ideas of CBS and LOMA, then they are good, as for the rest of the analysts - don't waste your money
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2 months ago
Not completely useless but all the value comes from the members. The "analysts" are mostly mailing it in
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3 months ago
Really not worth the money. Bought a month as I followed the analysts on twitter, but truth be told you don't get much from the discord that they don't already post on twitter. Moreover, pierre and CBS are really the only one who post much of value, and the important analyses are copy pasted onto twitter. finally the general chats in there are just full of the types of crypto traders who get chopped up to zero trying to trade every LTF candle, and theres not much value in there. No way worth the monthly fee