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Ticket Notify

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The #1 Ticket Reselling Community

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πŸ”₯ Our goal is simple... to make you more money

Ticket Notify is designed to equipt you with all of the skills, tools, and knowlege neccessary to stay successful within the ticket industry.

Things always change within the ticket world, thats why it's important that you change with it.

Whether you're a beginner seeking guidance through the process or an advanced reseller in search of niche events and market updates, this is the place.

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Market Alerts
Whenever things change within the ticket world, we are the first to let you know so you don't miss out on profits.
Event Recommendations
Our team carefully analyzes each event and gives recommendations on which tickets will do well, giving you all the info.
Insider Information
Whether it's early access codes, secrets about the Ticketmaster algorithm, or hidden gem events, nothing is gatekept.
Buy/Sell Tools
Utilize our custom tools & strategies to help you buy and sell tickets.
In-Depth Guides
We have specially made guides that range from beginner handbooks to in-depth advanced guides for every step of the way.
24/7 Support
Get your questions answered whenever/wherever. Our staff team will guide you and help with any questions you may have.
We have members for all around the world! It doesn't matter if you are from North America, Europe, Australia or Asia.
We're always rewarding our members with free goodies. Look forward to free proxies, lifetime memberships, codes & more.
Customer question & answers
Hey, do you also provide stuff for people in Europe? I have some friends from North America who make money in your group but I live in the UK
Hey, thanks for the question. Yes we offer calls for events all around the world which includes UK/Europe. You will also be able buy/sell tickets for events in North America despite living in the UK.
Answered 3 months ago
Do you guys offer calls for events other than concerts? Like sports or comedy
Yes we do. If there's money to be made in a specific sports game or comedy show then we will 100% be adding them to our calls. Thanks for the question!
Answered 3 months ago
What platform is your group on? Will I get access to channels and stuff? Where will I find it
Hey there, thanks for the question bobby. Our server is held on Discord. Once you have a membership you will be brought to a page where you can 'claim Discord access' which will invite you into the group as well as give you the necessary roles needed to access the server.
Answered 3 months ago
Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(10 reviews)
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19d ago
Joined these guys around 2 months ago from the youtube videos. It was slow at first and I didn't profit on the first month but once I got more accounts and entries then I started making more profit. These guys will teach you how to scale and put your best foot forward in the ticket scene
Purchased Membership Access 21d ago
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3 months ago
This group is extremely profitable if you put the work in and take Ticket Reselling seriously, thats how you will fully benefit. Thanks so much guys you've helped me so much become a better reseller
Purchased Membership Access 3 months ago
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3 months ago
I don't usually write reviews but the experience i've had with Ticket Notify deserves 5 stars. I knew a decent amount when coming into Ticket Notify and the owner and staff members gave me such useful tips that other groups never explained to me.
Purchased Membership Access 3 months ago
How much money do I need to start reselling tickets?
You can start off with however much you want! You don't need an insane amount of capital in order to start reselling tickets. We've had members start off with $50-$70 and snowball their way up. Profitable tickets can often be as cheap as $50. We've also had members start off with $0 who then turned profits by winning presale codes which can be worth $500-$2,000.
Do I have to live in the USA to resell tickets?
Not at all. You can live anywhere and and resell tickets for events anywhere in the world. You can live in the UK and resell tickets for shows in the USA. You can live in the USA and resell tickets for shows in Canada (vise versa).
What if I'm completely brand new to Ticket reselling?
That's totally okay! Our group is beginner friendly. We offer various guides to teach beginners how to resell tickets like the pros, as well as offering 1 on 1 mentoring & guidance along every step of the way.
Do I need a bot in order to start reselling tickets?
No, not at all. The majority of the success you see will be done by doing everything manually. Bots are not a required tool like you see in sneaker botting, the majority of the experts and pros are using manual methods for ticket flipping. Of course, we will adapt to any future changes to come.
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Ticket Notify
Reselling β€’ Tickets

10 reviews

Providing the best group for ticket brokers. No matter your area of experience, we've got what you're looking for. It's time to eat.

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