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⏰Tik Tok...Time is running out

Here is what you will get access to for FREE:

  • 👥 Growing Community where you can share ideas and collaborate with others.

  • ✨A step-by-step starter guide to help you get started with Tiktok's Creativity program, Instagram and Youtube.

  • FREE Editing Resources to help you get started on Tiktok

  • Weekly AMA's where you will be able to get answers about TikTok from Experts.

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Tiktok Guide
in-depth step by step Zero to HERO Creativity Guide + FREE Guides all about TikTok.
Best growing community out there for TikTok full of like-minded users. Tikcord is all about a solid core community.
WEEKLY Calls with TikTok PROFFESIONALS who have experience making $$ on tiktok!
Tiktok Accounts
A marketplace full of TikTok accounts. You are Free to list your accounts.
Middleman Service
A simple & reliable service to ensure our community members do not get scammed when selling/buying accounts. Safety #1
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4.91 out of 5
(69 reviews)
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6 days ago
It’s A Really Good Server, if Ur a Beginner in Social Media Automation I will 100% Recommend It W RIZZ W Mods
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7 days ago
I went in as noob in CRP, 3 days later I know way more because of the videos and the weekly niches are so helpful, use code IDDI for 40% off
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7 days ago
Very helpful staff and consistent information drops with 1-1 help!
Can I do this from my phone?
Yes, you can totally do all of this directly from your phone! You can use the CapCut app on mobile to edit your content. We would recommend a laptop as most of our users say it is easier to edit on laptop though.
Can I do this from any country like India or Morocco?
YES you can! Inside of Tikcord + you are shown how to target an American audience and also make eligible accounts from regions that aren't supported.
Do I have to pay to start making money?
Nope! You don't need to pay us anything to start earning, you can take the knowledge we provide in the free guides and still make money! Plenty of our members have started making money with TikTok without paying for a course.
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TikCord LLC
Social Media • TikTok

69 reviews

Created for creatives looking to make money on social media, our guide helps you understand platform algorithms and ways to earn from the communities you build through various monetization techniques. Join now and learn how to win on TikTok for FREE!

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