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TOTAL FINANCE COMMUNITY - The most exclusive group on discord.

JOIN FREE HERE - We are givinyou the chance to join the community for free and gain access to limited channels including frequent RESELL CALLS and LUCRATIVE CRYPTO PLAYS every few days. There will also be chances to gain access to the main community for discounted prices!


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Independently Sourced Data
Our in-house team work extremely hard to offer you the best experience alongside tips that are researched and analysed.
Resell Hub
100% independently researched calls on a wide range of items. If it will make a profit, it will be in there.
Crypto Cave
Anything from long term plays to insanely early calls. You can spot anything from a 2x up to a 2000x in here.
Media Centre
Our most recent addition. Start earning passive income by posting short clips on TikTok with help from our experts.
Ticket Hub
Be the first to hear about upcoming events. We will guide you through the ticket reselling process from start to end.
Betting Hub
Introduce yourself to the world of Matched Betting. An easy way to grow your daily income with very little work needed.
TFC Stock Exchange
A complete guide to the Stock Exchange. Expert tips on what to do with your money and when to do it!
24/7 Support
The support we provide has been engineered to replicate a concierge service. Anything you need, whenever you need it.
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2 months ago
Great channel, helpful staff and made my money back in the first 2 days! 10/10
Can I leave the group if I make no money?
You can leave at any time. If you have not contacted the team before leaving then we will reach out to you and take a look at what you've been doing an why you haven't made money. We will then fine-tune what you are doing and mentor you through the early stages to get you started on the road to making 4 figures a month!
How much money can I make?
There is no limit, this completely depends on how involved you get with the calls and how much you have to start investing with!
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Total Finance Community
Reselling β€’ ECommerce

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For the last 6 years our team have been using data found by themselves to leave their jobs and earn over 5 figures a month. We had all been in various other Cook/reselling groups and decided we could do it better. We have combined the Reselling Group with the Private Members Club to create the most exclusive reselling community in the UK.

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