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Viral Agent Academy

Developed by Christian Moretuzzo

In the competitive world of real estate, standing out on social media platforms is no longer an option, it's a necessity.

Real Estate agents will learn how to win more deals & attract warm, organic leads who want to work with YOU. No need for prior experience, fancy equipment OR ad spend.

The Exact Strategies I've Used To Gain 136,923 Followers In Total Across Instagram, Tiktok, And Youtube (And Counting!) -- I've Also Achieved Recognition On Canada’s ‘Top 30 Under 30’ Agent List.

Christian Moretuzzo's 'Viral Agent Academy' is a comprehensive program designed from the ground up & Ready to take you to the next level (even if you’re a new agent & not sure how to use social media).

Program Outline ->

  • Mastering The Platform

21 Day Action Plan (PDF GUIDE)

Why Short Video - 16:56

Why TikTok / IG - 9:15

Prologue - 21:47

  • Setup for Success

Equipment Guide (PDF GUIDE)

Effective Profile Setup - 20:04

Links - 8:19

Equipment & Apps - 12:08

  • All About Strategy

Hook Examples (75+ Hooks - PDF GUIDE)

Video Type - 25:28

The Algorithm - 10:57

Leveraging the Algorithm - 14:24

Video Structure - 19:45

  • Content Planning & Targeting

Topic Research & Content Creation Ideas (PDF GUIDE)

Content Creation Idea Example (Document)

Locations -14:15

Studio Shoots - 9:27

Topic Research - 20:59

Targeting Your Niche - 11:09

  • Effective Editing & Batch Production

Editing Resources (PDF GUIDE)

Editing Intro - 13:10

Batch Production - 9:46

Example - Capcut Template - 5:51

Example - Captions - 3:34

Example - Greenscreen - 7:55

Example - Multiple Clips - 11:12

Example - Trending Audio - 3:48

  • Impactful Posting

Effective Posting Resources (PDF GUIDE)

Effective Posting - 10:16

SEO & Captions - 7:43

Hashtags - 11:21

Covers - 7:05

Content Everywhere - 10:13

  • Engagement & Lead Conversion Mastery

Engagement & Lead Conversion (PDF GUIDE)

Engaging Leads - 8:48

Appointments & CRM - 16:26

Leveraging your Video Library - 9:00

  • Analytics & Insights

Understanding Analytics - 13:34

Summary & THANK YOU - 14:38

  • Podcast Studio Shoot - Behind the Scenes

Studio Shoot Checklist (PDF CHECKLIST)

Viral Agent BTS (Behind-The-Scenes Podcast Style Shoot) (9 Min)


No experience is required.

Join Viral Agent Academy Today To Start Scaling Your Real Estate Business With Warm, Predictable Leads.

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Online course

Viral Agent Academy Course

A Proven Method
In this course, Christian will walk you through every step needed to go viral and sell more.
In Depth Lessons
Our course offers engaging and interactive modules where agents can actively participate and enhance their skills.
Expert-Led Instruction
Learn from industry professionals with real-world experience maximizing product reach.
Customer Q&A

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What does this course include?
The Course Includes about 7 Hours of On-Demand Instructional Video, PDF Checklists, Guides, Behind-The-Scenes Footage & An Action Plan To Get You Results.
Do I need any experience?
No experience with Social Media or video is necessary. If you have experience, this is a bonus.
How fast will I see results?
By following our 21 Day action plan, students typically see results in their first month.
Do I need fancy equipment or additional money for ad spend?
Absolutely Not.
Who is this right for?
This course is designed for Real Estate Agent of all levels to build a brand and scale using social media to generate warm, inbound leads & clients that want to work with YOU. WE WON’T BE TEACHING - x Cold Calling x Door Knocking x Begging Friends & Family for Referrals x Cold Online Leads (FB Ads) x Talking to Strangers x Open Houses
About the seller
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Viral Agent Academy
Business • Social Media
Social Strategies to GET MORE CLIENTS with Christian Moretuzzo - a Real Estate Professional with a track record that speaks for itself. Let's Connect.

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