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Buy, Sell, And Trade All In One Place With The Lowest Fees In The Game.

Join the best reselling platform made for both buyers and sellers. ZNEAKRZ is the best platform to buy, sell, and trade sneakers all in one place with the lowest fees in the game. Members in this group get special incentizes that other users won't get.

What we offer for sellers:

  • 0% seller fees
  • Sell or trade
  • Both new and used
  • Bulk selling option
  • Rewarding our sellers

What we offer for buyers:

  • Lowest buyer fees in the game
  • Sneakers at or below retail price
  • Buy in bulk
  • Buy or trade
  • Request an item (personal shopper)

ZNEAKRZ is the new era of sneaker shopping and we aim to change the game for good. The ZNEAKRZ app is live now so go check it out.

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Request An Item
Request an item and within 72 hours our team will get you the lowest quote on the internet.
Bulk Buying & Selling
Make bulk transactions
Buy Sell Trade
All you need to make sneaker transactions
Auction & Drops
Get sneakers at or below retail price
Low To No Fees
Low to no seller and buyer fees
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(3 reviews)
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2 months ago
With the lowest fees on the market, this community is becoming the best place to buy and sell sneakers.
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2 months ago
Overall the group is great, the app is great too. They have awesome deals too. Would definitely recommend joining.
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3 months ago
This group stands out as a top choice for reselling sneakers in bulk, thanks to its exceptional service and user-friendly app, making the entire process smooth and efficient. Would diffidently recommend joining this group.
Are all these features free?
While all these feature aren't free, members from this group will have access to paid features that other users won't have.
Are all sneakers on the platform authentic?
All items sold on our app will be authenticated by our in house authentication team. If it's come back as not authentic, you'll be fully refunded.
Do you have 24/7 support?
Yes, we have a dedicated support team to serve all your questions.
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Reselling β€’ Sneakers

3 reviews

ZNEAKRZ is the best platform for buying, trading and selling sneakers all in one place with the lowest fees in the game. We have benefits for both buyers & sellers and if you subscribe those benefits are expanded.

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