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The Nucci Network

An exclusive group of real estate professionals

The fastest growing real estate community with over $100M in listings (just under $50M sold) and over 324 members since March

Our Accelerator members beat their competition using our strategies, roleplay sessions, live calls, and more.

Anthony Nucci has coached over 450 people through his masterclass and network.

Get access to:

  • Weekly Live Calls with Anthony Nucci
  • Referral Network for Realtors to share deals Around The World
  • Live Cold Calling Rooms
  • Live Roleplay Rooms
  • Guidance on lead generation through social media
  • Monthly sales challenges with prizes
  • Content added every month
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Customer Q&A
Q: Is this a month to month subscription or a year commitment?
A: This is a month to month subscription!
Asked on Mar 7, 2024
Q: Would you recommend / accept LO’s? Or this is strictly for agents?
A: If you’re a Loan Officer this could be a great opportunity to be surrounded by a lot agents and get more business for yourself. The curriculum Is tailored more towards agents. However, the opportunity is there for you for business as an LO depending on where your licensed
Asked on Mar 8, 2024
Q: Are we provided with Anthony’s scripts or frameworks for cold calling and objection handling?
A: YES, you are provided with scripts & templates to get you started. The framework itself you will learn and improve upon as you attend Anthony's weekly live session as well as the weekly Cold Call 101 Roleplay sessions
Asked on Apr 29, 2024
Q: I’m located in LA and on PST, are all the live cold calls and training around 7:30am PST? Are there other PST members?
A: Nuccis Q&A session is at 7:30am PST on Tuesdays and Roleplay sessions with the VP are Tuesday & Thursday at 12pm PST. There are a TON of west coast agents in this group. So you are definitely not a lone. Several of the meet up regularly in LA and San Diego
Asked on Mar 24, 2024
Is there a refund policy?
We do not offer refunds, but you can cancel at anytime.
I'm brand new to Real Estate, will this help me?
Yes! This community is built for Real Estate Agents, no matter the amount of experience. Being in a community of experienced agents will help to shorten your learning curve.
How do I know it's valuable?
Anthony Nucci has listed over $65M in real estate over the last 7 years, and our community listed $57M since December.
About the seller
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Nucci Consulting
Business • Sales
Originally from Detroit Michigan, member of the Nucci Family Real Estate Portfolio, Anthony was born into the real estate industry. Anthony has played an integral role in his family’s successful Real Estate business, directly contributing to its massive growth. Anthony has expertise in luxury home, condo sales, and investment purchases. Working with Anthony, you can expect a transformation in your sales abilities and your mindset. You'll learn the skills that he used to generate over $65M in Real Estate sales over the past 7 years.