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The Original UK Reselling Group. 10+ Years of Experience. Millions in profits. Join the winning team.

We are your key to either starting or scaling your reselling business. We started the first UK "Cook Group" back in 2012 and paved the way for the groups you see today. We provide you with everything you need to start making profit, and securing the latest sneakers and lowkey items TODAY.

We have generated MILLIONS in profit for our members, and change lives everyday. If you are looking for a UK Reselling group, or UK Cookgroup then Paragn is the group for you. Join the Family today.

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The Ultimate Reselling Guide

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24/7 1:1 Support
Support from our team of experienced resellers, available at all times
Release Guidance
Guidance on ANYTHING an everything that resells
Free Autocheckout Slots
We will run our bots on your behalf, when releases permit
Superfast Restock Monitors
Instant notifications of restocks on hundreds of websites
Non Sneaker / Lowkey flips
From tickets, to funkos. Anything that resells, we will notify you of
Raffles & Giveaways
We raffle of shoes within the group for a small entry fee, and even give them away for FREE
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4.97 out of 5
(46 reviews)
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1 month ago
One of the best cook groups I’ve been a part of only been in the group under 2 months and I’ve made insane amounts of profit thanks to the information provided to us plus a lot of useful monitors etc definitely recommend anyone looking to make money to join Paragn
Purchased Paragn Network Membership 3 months ago
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1 month ago
Amazing group, has given a platform for others to become successful within the sneaker industry. Much love boys
Purchased Paragn Network Membership 3 years ago
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1 month ago
Best group in the game, realest community, all acc there to help each other. Only reason im where i am today. Thanks to everyone in there and especially head chef for replying to my constant dms x
Purchased Paragn Network Membership 1 year ago
Do I need to have any experience?
We cater both to complete beginners and also advanced and even full time resellers. We have something to offer for all skill levels. Whether you have never sold a shoe before, or sell hundreds each month.
Do you support other countries or just UK?
We focus solely on UK users, as that is where our expertise lies.
How fast can I start reselling once I join?
You will likely find items to buy on your first day. We are here to offer support every step of the way. We reccomend you head straight to our "Ultimate Reselling Guide" to get learning, from basics to advanced stuff this will help you utilise the group.
Why does it cost £29.99?
The proof is in the pudding. You can make back that money so easily utilising our group. We have generate millions in profit for our members. Not only that but you are joining a family. Our community is something you will never find elsewhere.
Why should I choose you?
We are run by two full time resellers. We have been reselling for over 10 years full time, so you can trust that you are in the best hands possible. Not only that but we just do things PROPERLY and professionally. Join the winning team today!
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Paragn Network
Reselling • Sneakers

46 reviews

The original UK reselling group. Sneakers, Tickets and lowkey items. We know how to make our members profit. Run by professional resellers with over 10 years experience.