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Pick City

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The City that Never Sleeps

Pick City Premium, will change your scope for betting, period.

  • [⚜️] Gain Access to 6+ Primier Sports Consultants delivering slips daily that averages 76.7U+ Monthly collectively.
  • [πŸ”‘] Learn from our Exclusively Tailored Strategies, designed to elevate your profitability.
  • [πŸ”“] Endulge in Year Round Action from the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, Soccer, E-Sports, and more.

Our goal is to gather a family of like minded individuals, all while keeping it affordable, to experience enhanced sports betting with Pick City Premium.

Terms and Conditions: Completion of your purchase signifies acceptance of the Pick City, LLC terms and conditions. All sales final.

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Pick City Premium

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Guide for Beginners

In-Depth Research
Experience an unparalleled journey through our daily, multifaceted analysis spanning Over 6+ Sports
Betting Insight AI Bot
Gain betting insights daily from our very own AI Bot.
Our dedicated team monitors the performance of our analysts each day, ensuring value at all times.
Premium Exclusive Chat
Join our elite, round-the-clock premium chat, offering exclusive access and continuous engagement.
Customer Q&A
Q: How to join vip
A: You can join by signing in to whop with your discord account and then click purchase on any of the subscription - monthly, weekly, yearly, and click claim access under "your orders" and you should be forwarded to the discord where you unlocked the premium channels!
Asked on Jan 16, 2024
Customer reviews
4.91 out of 5
(114 reviews)
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2 months ago
Great at what he does!! Definitely makes lots of money everyday!!! Great way to make mine
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3 months ago
Lots of research go into their picks
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3 months ago
Great discord with lots of daily greens! See lots of research behind analysts picks which lead to W’s. Most profitable discord i’ve been apart of.
I purchased Pick City Premium, how do I gain access?
Connect your discord account by going to whop > profile settings > social accounts > connect discord > my orders > claim discord access. If this doesn't work please open a support ticket in our discord server.
Why should I get Pick City Premium?
Not only are we extremely transparent with our wins, losses, and analysis, you get to communicate with other members on upcoming slips and sports games, making Pick City Premium more than just another betting group. Experience unmatched features including Ai Betting Insight Bots, 6+ All Time Sports Consultants, Exclusive Tailored Strategies, and more!
Can I cancel the subscription at anytime?
Yes! You can go to your whop dashboard anytime, select Pick City and click cancel!
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Pick City
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Pick City, the #1 Trusted Sports Community Discord. Join today as Pick City Premium to experience the full benefits of being in the community!Β