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(99 reviews)

Education First, Profit Second.

Access to everything Playbit has to offer!

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  • 800 Books on Trading
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800 Books on Trading, Trade Journal ( Duplicate Page So You Can Edit)

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Online course

ICT Mastery

Proven Track Record
Over 3.5 years of trades logged. Every bottom & top logged. Transparent PNL's from 10+ Analysts.
Live Trading
To learn, you must see it done live. Gain access to our exclusive livestreams with real-time trade demonstrations.
Not only do we host trading live streams, but we host streams on Credit, Real Estate, Ecommerce etc.
Daily Market Updates
7 days a week. We will provide market analysis, there are no days off. If you need help, we are there.
Gain access to Weekly & Daily Watchlists so you're always prepared.
24/7 Support
Gain access to our incredible customer support team with instant response times.
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Customer reviews
4.94 out of 5
(99 reviews)
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21d ago
Great course with a lot of insight
Purchased Playbit + ICT Mastery Bundle 25d ago
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23d ago
I am thrilled to share my extensive experience with Playbit Crypto, having been a part of this trading group for quite some time. My tenure in the group has allowed me to provide reliable insights into the exceptional journey with Playbit. Behind the symbol of Playbit lies a handful of incredible individuals who have devoted themselves to creating a powerful legacy through the foundation of this group. These individuals consistently sacrifice their valuable time, which could be spent with family or making personal trades for greater financial gains. Instead, they live and breathe their fascination for charts, dedicating every second to the benefit of their members. What stands out most about the Playbit team is their authenticity, down-to-earth approach, and sincere characters. I deeply appreciate their humility and the passion they bring to their work. Their dedication is evident in the daily sacrifices they make, igniting a fire within me and motivating me with their indescribable skills and knowledge, even during challenging times. The coaches at Playbit are not just mentors; they are mentors with a purpose. They guide members with an extreme amount of devotion, turning a spark into a blazing fire. I am continually inspired by their commitment and the daily achievements they unlock for members. Playbit wouldn't be the same without its members, who work tirelessly to appreciate the coaches' performance and effort. The community spirit is palpable in the constant exchange of knowledge on the Discord platform. Anytime you open Discord, there's an opportunity to learn and grow. Questions are addressed promptly, fostering an amazing learning experience. The learning materials, live streams, and frequent updates on Discord provide essential skills, guiding each member through the process of developing their unique trading character. Notably, there is no sense of FOMO; the coaches emphasize professionalism and emotional control, with Bitcoin Playboy setting an exemplary standard in market attitude. Key updates from Playboy and other coaches offer invaluable insights into chart analysis, providing an excellent foundation for learning and journaling. The commitment to teaching and supporting members in their trading journeys is evident. Playbit is more than a platform; it's a community that encourages growth and camaraderie. In the words of Gandhi, "It is the highest form of selflessness to teach others what you know." This encapsulates the ethos of Playbit, where Bitcoin Playboy and the coaches selflessly impart knowledge 24/7, creating a vibrant and supportive environment for all members. Joining Playbit isn't just about trading; it's about joining a family united by a shared passion for success in the world of cryptocurrency.
Purchased Everything for 1 year!ย  3 months ago
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24d ago
I have been a member since 2022 and just graduated in college. So I have to find other source of income since its hard to find a job in the Philippines due to the pandemic. Playbit have been the silver lining from that, seeing Playboy's BTC epic snipe made me join. Also I've been always present to Casper's Youtube livestreams too. Plus the helpful members with epic trades. Fast forward to now, I just moved to Dubai to live my dreams. A big step from someone who started with nothing. Joining PB has been lifechanging for me.
Purchased Crypto & Fx 3 months ago
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Private trading community focusing on live trading demonstrations to help you learn faster, become profitable, and achieve your trading milestones. Education First, Profit Second.