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Private Pro Community

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Interactive Video Calls
You'll get access to video calls with UEFA Pro licensed coaches, current pro players, former pro players, scouts+agents
Custom Training/Workout Plans
You will get access to custom training and workout plans made for you, directly from professional coaches/clubs/players
Potential to be sent on Trials
Access to our network to be sent on professional trials worldwide at any/every level
College Opportunities
Connected with college coaches/recruiters to help earn a spot and scholarship to play in college
Discounts On Footy Gear
Discounts on footy gear from our sponsors. Such as boots, jerseys, grip socks, and anything else you need
Entry for crazy giveaways such as boots, jerseys, match tickets, ps5 +much more
FIFA vs. Pros
Take part in FIFA (and other games) tournaments against pro players for prizes
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(11 reviews)
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8 months ago
I was skeptical at first, but after joining the community I realized that this community has helped m improve in myself and push myself to further limits. I am definitely continuing and sticking with this.
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9 months ago
Red Carpet Ballers has great guides and great tips to help you become better at football
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1 year ago
i’ve been in things similar to this before but none amount to what red carpet ballers have done, are doing, and will do. the community is wild. ballers from around the world are constantly helping each other to grow and reach their goals. never seen such a big footballing community who all share common goals like this ever. i’ve been a part of the private community for just a couple of weeks now but being having constant access to pros & coaches is absolutely mind blowing. red carpet ballers puts it all straightforward. no scams, no crap. i don’t think i’ll ever regret this decision. frankly, i don’t think anyone will ever regret joining red carpet ballers.
What do you guys do exactly?
In our community, aspiring pros are able to connect and speak with current professionals, playing at the highest level all over the world! The private pro community bridges the gap between aspiring pros, and players that have acheived the ultimate goal of every football(soccer)player. From private zoom sessions with pros, to private zoom sessions from UEFA pro licensed coaches, to 1 on 1 tailored coaching, this community is like no other. Founded by 3 current Professional players, we want to pave the way for the next generation. We also have a college recruiting service headed by our founder who was able to go from a Division 3 school straight to a first division league in Europe! With a network of over 200+ college coaches, we help you through the whole recruiting process to make sure you find the school that right for you, on and off the field.
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Red Carpet Ballers
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RCB bridges the gap between aspiring pros, and players that have acheived the ultimate goal of every soccer (football) player.   From private zoom sessions with pro players, to private zoom sessions with UEFA pro licensed coaches, to 1:1 tailored coaching, to being sent on pro trials, connected with our network of college coaches, we've got you covered.   We're founded by professional players, and we're paving the way for the next generation. Join us as we help aspiring ballers all around the world become the best version of themselves on and off the pitch.