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Rony's Pro Cycling Club

Access to Rony's Pro Cycling Club VIP DISCORD SERVER

The _subscribers _of our premium service will gain access to the following perks:

  • Premium videos:  The main feature of the subscription will be our monthly exclusive videos. Here we will cover cycling related topics in a high level of detail and will contain valuable information that is not normally available in standard videos. The know-how supplied in these videos alone easily surpasses the cost of the monthly subscription fee.

On top of that:

  • Exclusive daily updates  from Rony, that are not published on any other platform (blog posts, live videos and others)

  • DISCORD community membership : Each subscriber will become a part of an active online community of cycling enthusiasts, where they can share their experiences and knowledge about various cycling disciplines (road, TT, gravel, MTB)

  • Access to the  Weekly Live video QnA  with Rony, hosted on the DISCORD server

  • An  Online Marketplace focused on high end bicycles and cycling parts/accessories, where members can post and trade their equipment.

  • Live QnA  videos with professional athletes and experts from various fields (coaching, nutrition, aerodynamics, engineering etc.)

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Rony's Pro Cycling Club
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