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Sales Disruptors

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Salespeople helping each other Close More Deals and become better at sales. Courses, discussions, industry-specific channels, & exclusive trainings.

There's an exclusive community of sales professionals right now who are consistently improving their skills, expanding their network, and unlocking exceptional opportunities. By joining the Sales Community, they will be able overcome their limitations and gain the resources and support needed to excel in their sales careers. And they deserve to be part of this thriving community by simply having the desire to invest in themselves, no matter where they are on their journey

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Sales Disruptors

Chat with other salespeople and trainers to improve your skills and solve challenges.
Free courses you can take to learn new techniques and improve your sales skills.
Exclusive trainings only available in the Sales Disruptors community.
Live streams of podcasts, interviews, other content to help you learn and improve your skills.
Document Share
Document library with scripts, text/SMS templates, contracts and more available for you to download and use.
Industry Specific Channels
Channels for your industry to focus on your specific issues, with new industry channels added as that group grows.
Customer Q&A
Q: Hello, is access to the full dispositions course available inside of this community subscription?
A: Yes! We currently have four courses available inside Sales Disruptors Community: Sales MasterClass, Dispositions, Lead Generation & Data Handling, and Wholesale Blueprint. We also have a new course, Sales Process Fundamentals, being added today (May 19), although modules are still being recorded for it so only a couple are available now. In addition, exclusive sales training coaching sessions are held in the Community at least twice a week. See everything offered at www.salesdisruptors.com.
Asked on May 19, 2023
Q: how can I become a member of the sale disruptor?
A: Hi! We have 3 options for The Sales Disruptors Community. You can sign up here. Lifetime: https://whop.com/sales-disruptors/?d2c=true&directPlanId=plan_ZW4eMAVQPQ4Ro&pass=prod_VhZpb4wyMn245&a=sonya Annual: https://whop.com/sales-disruptors/?d2c=true&directPlanId=plan_h6kCPmilVrBVm&pass=prod_VhZpb4wyMn245&a=sonya Monthly: https://whop.com/sales-disruptors/?d2c=true&directPlanId=plan_7ZnFmSB1jyCoA&pass=prod_VhZpb4wyMn245&a=sonya
Asked on Jan 21, 2024
Q: how can I become a member of the sale disruptor?
A: If you are interested in the 2 day Sales Disruptors Live event you can find it here: https://www.disruptors.com/salesdisruptors Let me know If I can be of further assistance. Sonya
Asked on Jan 21, 2024
Q: Can I join on monthly basis and upgrade to yearly later.
A: Absolutely! We have monthly, annual, and lifetime subscriptions available. You can upgrade at any time! Our goal is to have a flexible subscription that meets your needs.
Asked on Mar 6, 2024
Customer reviews
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(14 reviews)
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a year ago
The trainings are amazing but the calls are so focused and truly helpful that you will be a better salesperson in your first week!
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a year ago
Tiger has a swing coach, and you should have a sales coach. Already, I have improved my frameworks and refined some pitches. The courses coupled with the community make this a no brainer to improve your sales skills.
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a year ago
I've been in sales for a couple decades and thought I knew how to crush these calls... that is until I was intro'd to Sales Disruptors. HANDS DOWN the real deal! Steve truly understands not only the tactics, but the psychology that makes the tactics work! Steve's methods are for beginners as well as the pros. Thanks for such an awesome product!! You can't beat the value for the price. MASSIVE ROI!!!
What is Sales Disruptors?
This is a community for salespeople who want to improve their skills and Close More Deals. We recognize sales as the world's oldest profession and that ethics is at the heart of a great salesperson.
Why should I join?
Learning from one sales trainer is great. Having an entire community of salespeople to learn from is the ultimate in skills development. Sales Disruptors mission is to connect sales assassins from all industries so they can help each other grow.
What should I expect if I join?
This community is intended to improve your sales knowledge and skills. The more you interact with the members, trainings and education, the faster you will level up and the more deals you will close. So join up, introduce yourself, and participate & ask questions!
Do you pay affiliates?
YES! We want to grow this community, more salespeople joining means more experiences shared and more learning taking place. We pay affiliates 20% of each person who joins using your affiliate link, and it's ongoing forever as long as you're a member!
Can I post to social media or create promos?
YES! The more salespeople we have in this community, the more knowledge is added and more experiences are shared. We want experts in all industries to be in the community regularly to help and grow skilled, ethical salespeople! If you want to post about it, please do, we just ask that you keep it positive and not talk negatively about others, whether inside the community or out.
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Sales Disruptors
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