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Q: I see live trading in the stock dads discord. How much I have to pay additionally to join in the live trading?
A: Hey there! Live trading is included with our Dad Bundle and Stock Dads subscription. It is not included with our Crypto Dads or Dad Bets subscription!
Asked on Jun 8, 2023
Q: is aceoftrades signals within stock dads?
A: Yes! As of September 1, 2023, Aceoftrades is a Stock Dads exclusive analyst.
Asked on Aug 25, 2023
Q: What is your winrate?
A: This varies week to week and month but most of our analysts maintain 70%-80% win rate consistently
Asked on Sep 1, 2023
Q: Is this a good fit for futures traders?
A: Absolutely, this is suitable for futures traders. We have members who trade SPX and routinely monitor other futures like ES and NQ. This platform caters to both novice and experienced traders, providing tools and insights to improve their trading strategies.
Asked on Jul 24, 2023
Q: Hi, I am from Canada. Is is possible to use a platform like Questrade for trading?
A: Questrade is commonly used by our Canadian Discord group members. They also utilize platforms like TD Direct Investing for its user-friendly interface, RBC Direct Investing for its comprehensive resources, Interactive Brokers for low costs and global market access, Wealthsimple Trade for commission-free trading, and CIBC Investor's Edge for competitive fees and research tools. Choose the trading platform that aligns best with your individual needs and trading style.
Asked on Jul 29, 2023
Q: Will I be able to make all trades from a WeBull account? Not sure if your suggestions will require totally different trading platform etx
A: Yes, you can! Webull is a crowd favorite in our group.
Asked on Jul 18, 2023
Q: is Ammar Alerts#4917 part of the analysistys?
A: Yes Ammar is a Stock Dads exclusive analyst!
Asked on Oct 23, 2023
Q: How many trades does this server offer per month on average and what timezone do most of the alerters work in?
A: This depends on the days and setups but I would say normally between 300-500 for just stocks and about the same for crypto. Crypto is a mix around the clock and Stocks are normally around 9-4 est
Asked on Oct 20, 2023
Q: Will we be getting Forex option Signals or mostly Stock?
A: Stock Dads primarily provides signals for stocks, options, and cryptocurrencies. Although we have many members who actively trade Forex, we do not specifically alert for Forex trades. Our aim is to foster a comprehensive trading community, where members can also discuss and share insights on Forex trading independently, even if we don't provide direct alerts.
Asked on Jul 28, 2023
Q: I was watching some of the spread and iron condor videos on YouTube. Do you alert to this same strategy on Discord as well?
A: Yes we do!
Asked on Feb 23, 2024