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Storefront Stalker Pro

(12 reviews)

Take your sourcing to another level. More leads, More Insight, More Profit. Stalk your competitors today!

Storefront Stalker Pro is the ultimate tool for finding more fresh product leads that other sellers are selling on Amazon.

It's really quite easy, simply add a store to stalk using an Amazon store URL or ID (not funky discord commands required).

Once that store is added to Storefront Stalker Pro, simply sit back and wait for the magic to happen.

We don't add existing products (because honestly why would you want old leads?). We add new products that the seller lists to give you the best opportunity to go and source that product!

From FBA, FBM, Amazon2Amazon leads; learn what other sellers are selling, identify sourcing habits, and identify new retail stores to source from.

Here's what you'll get:

  • 10 Store limit
  • Refreshes every 4 hours
  • Export Data
  • Configurable Dashboard Interface
  • Integrations to Keepa, SellerAmp, Amazon & Google Lens
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Quick Start Guide

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Storefront Stalker Pro

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NEW Leads Everyday!
Storefront Stalker Pro gives you the new products & associated data that your competitors are listing on Amazon
Web Based Application
Storefront Stalker Pro is a web based application supported on desktop/laptop/tablet/mobile. No relying on Discord.
One Click Integrations
Source products with a single click through integrations with Google, Google Lens, Keepa, Amazon, and SellerAmp!
Appreciating Asset
Storefront Stalker Pro has an extensive product roadmap to consistently make SSP better with new features and functions.
Email Notifications
Get notified via e-mail when Storefront Stalker Pro adds new leads to your dashboard
Discord Support
Access the SSP discord community for software updates, support, community, and strategies on sourcing products
No Code
No need for funky discord commands or code to use. Simple copy and paste the Amazon Store URL to start stalking!
Customer Q&A

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Customer reviews
4.92 out of 5
(12 reviews)
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a month ago
Does what it promises.
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8 months ago
This is an absolute gem for any OA Amazon seller. Real time notifications as new ASINS get listed under your saved storefronts is an invaluable tool. Important to note it is an Amazon tool...but it is on you to find the high quality storefronts. A++
User avatar
8 months ago
Cannot say enough good things about SSP. Literally the second product I looked at was a fast selling $3 profit per unit winner. I think what the SSP team has done here is created something that is going to blow its users out of the water.
I just added stores to stalk, why aren't any of their products showing up?
Storefront Stalker Pro doesn't look at current products in an Amazon seller's store. Storefront Stalker Pro will add NEW products that the stalked storefront adds.
Which Amazon marketplaces does Storefront Stalker Pro support?
Currently we are Amazon.com based (USA). Support of additional countries will be available in 2024
Can my VA's access Storefront Stalker Pro?
Currently, VA's can access Storefront Stalker Pro through your Whop user account. Support for VA's in their own version of SSP is on our product roadmap.
Do I need Discord to access Storefront Stalker Pro?
Nope! Storefront Stalker Pro is a standalone web based application. No usage or knowledge of Discord is required. Our Discord community is available for support and strategic questions.
How many stores can I stalk?
We have different options to help you out. 10 Stores, 20 Stores or 40 Stores!
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Storefront Stalker Pro
E-Commerce β€’ FBA

12 reviews

The best way to stay ahead of the competition is to know what they are doing. With Storefront Stalker Pro, you can track your competitors, identify market trends, and receive new product leads daily!