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AI Trading Tools, Free Investing Education, Professional Mentorship

The Teach.Trade community is a place where we: 📚 Provide certified trading education

🧠 Encourage and guide mental wellness

💬 Discuss trading topics with professional traders

⚡ Build high-level professional trading tools

🎞️ Have fun together! We watch movies and have game nights

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Stock Trader

Find Winning Trades With Ease
Make trading easy with our algorithm that automatically generates the best trade ideas and stock picks.
AI Options Trade Ideas
AutoStratic is the only AI tool that alerts real-time options trade ideas on TradingView. With strike price + expiration
Auto-Watchlist Builder
AutoStratic Radar builds a watchlist of high-probability setups within seconds. No need to guess where to look.
AutoStratic plots the trade ideas and draws levels on the chart for you. Zero charting necessary. Hours of time saved!
Better Entries and Exits
Our tools help users get higher-quality entries and notifies areas to take profit. Users gain consistency and confidence
89% Win Rate
AutoStratic is backtested on 256 trades over the past 180 days.
Free Investing Education
Free access to our Discord server, which contains free workshops, tutorials, livestream, and 24/7 customer support
Built by the Best
Founder Kiakili profited $1.9 million in two years from trading, and helped create over $30M in profits for 20k+ members
Customer Q&A
Q: Is this only for those who use the Strat to trade?
A: Not at all, it's able to be used with any trading strategy! It draws a lot of principles from #TheStrat but it's mostly trained on my winning trades and the variables within them. It's intended to be easily paired with other trading styles: Smart Money Concepts, RSI/MACD, Bollinger Bands, etc.
Asked on Aug 29, 2023
Customer reviews
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(35 reviews)
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4 months ago
The beginners academy was better than I could hope for. I have purchased 6+ courses and none of them helped half as much as this course. I’m more confident now than ever before and can’t wait to continue increasing my gains. Also, the interaction from the teachers was amazing! I can’t wait to start the Advanced Academy tomorrow! Thank you to the entire team.
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4 months ago
As many times i have posted on the discord chat. I work full-time as a concrete Mixer Driver but with the Education and tools from teach.trade am making money every week. I will loose money sometimes BECAUSE i did not follow the Rules taught by Kia and his expert team. I will certainly recommend teach.trade to anybody still struggling to trade the markets. Peter Boachie-Manu, Calgary, Canada
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4 months ago
I'm fairly new to the trade game and I do not know where I would be without the teach.trade crew and their instruction. All of my financial goals feel like they are within reach! I am excited to develop into a fire trader and grow with the teach.trade community. Thank yall!
Do I need a paid subscription on TradingView to use AutoStratic?
Nope! You can use a free account on TradingView, no membership required.
How do I add this to my TradingView?
Log-in to your TradingView account, open a chart, and navigate to "Indicators." The app will appear under "Invite-only Indicators." Click it and it will be added to your chart.
I added AutoStratic to my chart, but I don't see anything. What am I doing wrong?
First and foremost, AutoStratic only works when using the daily or weekly timeframe. If you are on any other timeframe, it will show just the Action Box. AutoStratic will only display entry levels and targets on stocks that it detects a trade idea. If there is no setup, it will display the text "No Setup Detected."
Is this available on Thinkorswim, Webull, etc?
No, this is a TradingView-exclusive software.
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The go-to platform for all things trading! Teach.trade develops algorithmic trading tools and free investing education. Access an extensive library of resources for education on the Stock Market. Join the Options Academy and get hands-on coaching with experienced trading professionals.