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The Creativity Kit

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1 year ago
The TCK was a great way for like-minded individuals to meet and discover new ways to make money. Would highly recommend to anyone trying to increase their network and networth
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1 year ago
Sneako is a great Man. lots of great men are working together in a community trying to help each other out here. If you need a community of like minded who want to get better and make a difference this is bastion of hope.
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1 year ago
Great professors
Why join the Kit?
The Creativity Kit is the perfect spot to learn how to tap into your creative content creation side, while simultaneously learning to make $ online from a team of millionaire professors.
What do I get from joining?
Right at purchase, you get access to 6+ weekly calls hosted by Sneako + TCK professors, 30+ hours of TCK video courses, access to the Sneakonomy where you can level up and earn prizes in the process, as well as the massive network of fellow entrepreneurs.
How many money making methods are taught?
We teach Ecommerce, organic short form marketing, crypto currency, IRL $ generation methods, video editing, and much more each from a professor who's made 7 figures in their field!
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The Creativity Kit
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