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The Groovologist

A driven community elevating DJ Skills, mastering the inner groove, and blasting into a music career.

Includes full access to the 30-day DJ course curriculum, video tutorials, PDF homework assignments, interactive quizzes, and entry to a dedicated forum for peer support. Learn at your own pace with lifetime access to course materials!

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Online course

Online Course + Mentorship

Comprehensive Curriculum
A structured 30-day program covering all essential DJ skills from basic to advanced techniques
Custom Learning Path
Mentorship adjusted to your unique learning pace and interest areas.
Interactive Learning
Engaging video tutorials and PDF homework to practice skills.
Feedback on Mixes
Direct constructive feedback on your mixing techniques and homework assignments.
Self-Paced Progress
Learn at your convenience with lifetime access to all course materials.
Community Support
Access to a dedicated online forum for peer interaction and support.
Direct Support
Immediate answers to questions and challenges, enhancing the learning experience.
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What will I learn in The Groovologist program?
The Groovologist covers everything from DJ equipment basics, music theory, and mixing techniques to advanced skills like beatmatching, scratching, and crafting smart playlists. You'll also learn about hte business side of DJing, including branding, networking, and gig management.
How much experience do I need before starting the Groovologist program?
Whether you're a complete beginner or an intermediate DJ looking to polish your skills, The Groovologist is designed to cater to a wide range of skill levels. We'll guide you from the ground up, helping you build a solid foundation and advance your DJing craft!
What equipment will I need to start The Groovologist course?
A basic DJ setup is all you need to get started, which includes a DJ controller or turntables, a mixer, headphones, and a computer with DJ software installed. The software covered in the program is Rekordbox & Serato. Don't worry if you don't have high-end equipment: the program teaches skills that are transferrable across any setup.
Can I still work a full-time job while taking The Groovologist course?
Absolutely! The Groovologist is designed to fit into your busy schedule. With on-demand video lessons and flexible assignments, you can progress at your own pace and fit your DJ education around your existing commitments.
What is the 30-day money-back guarantee policy?
We're confident in the value The Groovologist offers, but we want you to feel secure in your investment. If after actively participating in the course for 30 days, you find that it's not helping you improve, you can request a full refund. Our ask is that you give the course a genuine try, engage with the lessons and assignments, and if it still doesn't meet your expectations, simply reach out to us within the first 30 days for your money back.
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The Groovologist
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Elevating the art of DJing through comprehensive courses, we are a community driven by a passion for music and a desire to uplift aspiring talent. We specialize in mentoring musicians to hone and master their DJ skills, guiding them on their journey to kickstart a successful music career. We believe in the power of the groove and the resonance of beats, and it's our mission to share this belief, transforming our students from music enthusiasts to professional DJs. Join us in this harmonic voyage and let's make the world dance to your rhythm!