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What can I expect to learn in the Discord server?
In the Discord server, you can expect to learn effective options trading strategies, gain insights from market analysis and charts, view actual trades and case studies, and connect with a community of like-minded traders in a supportive and friendly environment.
What is the Wheel Strategy and how can it benefit me in trading?
The Wheel Strategy is a powerful options trading method that involves selling cash-secured put options to buy stocks at a discount, and then selling covered call options to generate consistent income. This strategy can help you enhance your trading performance, reduce long-term risk, and create a steady stream of income by leveraging the power of options.
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The Wheel Academy
Trading β€’ Stocks
My name is Gianmarco, I am a private trader and investor with over 20 years of experience. I use the power of technical analysis, value investing, and stock options to generate consistent results. Options have changed my own life for the better. They've helped me improve my trading results and speed the wealth-building process while also decreasing my total long-term risk and level of stress. The strategies I use are simple, robust, and effective. Inside the Discord server I share my real trades and help members learn the power of the Wheel Strategy and other solid options strategies.