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The Birb Nest

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Before Your Next Trade 23-Bit Checklist, Pro Trader Worksheet, Profitable Day Trader Toolkit

Trading Signals & Setups
Get premium trade insights and advice from certified analysts in our Discord community.
Courses for Every Trader
Trading courses with a constantly growing library of videos from different traders & trading styles.
Exclusive Webinars
Attend live webinars with expert traders for market analysis and strategies.
Automated Signals & Scanners
Explore a range of investment options handpicked by our bots with proven profitability.
Advanced Analytics Tool
With BirbicatorPRO you can visualize your trading data with our powerful analytics tool for better decision-making.
Exclusive Market Reports
Gain access to daily in-depth analysis of current market trends, enhancing investment strategies and decision-making.
Trading Support 24/7
We are an international team and are available around the clock to help you!
Personalized Mentoring Lessons
With Private Mentoring you will get one-on-one guidance from experienced traders to maximize your profits.
Customer question & answers
approx how many trade calls are issued per day or per week
Hey! We have the stats and we delivered 52 calls per month on average in 2023!
Answered 4 months ago
Is the Birbicator Pro included in the Nest Club?
No, BirbicatorPro and Exclusive Nest Club are different subscriptions. Exclusive Nest Club: https://www.thebirbnest.com/enc BirbicatorPro: https://www.thebirbnest.com/bpro
Answered 5d ago
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4.97 out of 5
(21 reviews)
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4d ago
Absolutely awesome service and nice quality of knowledge!
Purchased BirbicatorPRO Indicator | Cyber Special 4d ago
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4d ago
The course is super helpful! It has improved my understanding of how liquidity works in trading. I now trade less and have learned to position my stop-loss more strategically.
Purchased Exclusive Nest Club - Lifetime 4d ago
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8d ago
Absolutely the best crypto group on the planet...by far!
Purchased Exclusive Nest Club | Cyber Special 8d ago
Who founded The Birb Nest, and what sets it apart from other trading groups?
The Birb Nest was founded by Adrian Zduńczyk, CMT, also known as CRYPTO₿IRB, in 2017. What makes it unique is its ability to not only survive but thrive in challenging markets, particularly during Bitcoin bear markets.
How does The Birb Nest support its members in their trading journey?
The Birb Nest provides personalized mentorship, tailored guidance, and a strong focus on trader education to ensure members receive the right tools and knowledge to succeed.
What role does education play at The Birb Nest, and how is it prioritized?
Education is at the core of The Birb Nest's mission. We place significant emphasis on trader education to ensure the long-term success of our members.
Does The Birb Nest welcome traders of all experience levels?
Absolutely! The Birb Nest believes in financial freedom for everyone, regardless of their background or experience level. They have an inclusive approach that caters to a diverse range of traders.
What is The Birb Nest's ultimate mission?
The Birb Nest is on a mission to help its members achieve financial freedom. Every strategy and recommendation is aligned with this clear and purpose-driven goal.
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The Birb Nest
Trading • Crypto

21 reviews

Expert Leadership: Led by Adrian Zduńczyk, CMT. Proven Track Record: Thrived through Bitcoin bear markets. Personalized Mentorship: Tailored guidance for your goals. Education Focus: Emphasis on trader knowledge. Licensed Trust: Credibility and transparency. Inclusivity: All are welcome to pursue financial freedom. Advanced Tools: Access to cutting-edge trading resources. Community Support: Share, learn, and grow together. Mission-Driven: Committed to your financial success.