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TikTok Syndicate

(20 reviews)

Earn up to $100+ Daily as a Content Creator

Ready to get monetized on TikTok Shop? The TikTok Syndicate is your all-access pass:

πŸ”₯ 4.5 Hour Dope Course From newbie to viral video beast - we're schooling you on setting up, editing, and mastering all the skills to create straight cash-pulling content.

πŸ”“ Exclusive Account Marketplace Don't want to waste time building an account with 5k followers? Skip the line and get one from our account marketplace.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Weekly 1-Hour Calls with the OGs Join the TikTok titans and 8-figure founders on weekly calls dropping pure knowledge bombs. Get that insider sauce straight from the viral lords.

⭐ 1-on-1 Mentor Program You'll get paired up with one of our elite TikTok affiliate mentors, your personal Yoda to guide you through the game with serious hand-holding.

πŸ’° Premium Software Suite (Value: $1,000+) Full access to a wild pack of pro software tools that would normally cost over a rack a month. But for Syndicate members? It's all included, no strings.

πŸ”– Daily Mentor Alerts & Private Channels Get alerted daily with fresh tips and access exclusive squad channels where our mentors are dishing their personal sauces.

✨ 200+ Viral Hooks & Idea Formulas Never struggle for content again with our dumb thick library of hot opening hooks ready to go, plus cracking the code on cooking up limitless viral ideas.

πŸ“Š 50+ Viral Profile Studies Level up your game by analyzing the winning moves from over 50 viral profile breakdowns. Study what's working, then make it your own.

πŸ“² Mobile App Access TikTok mastery in your pocket - get it all on the go with our fresh app for that anytime, anywhere viral sauce.

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Account Marketplace

Zero to Hero, from setting up, to editing, to the more complicated skills in creating viral videos that sell.
Account Marketplace
Live abroad or want to get a ready to promote product account? We have a marketplace!
We've had many saved calls with 8fig brands. Learn from some of your favorite Founders like of NZT-48
Mentorship Program
You're paired up with a top tiktok shop affiliate for private mentorship and hand-holding.
Software Tools
Save $1,000/mo+ for software tool costs by joining the TikTok Syndicate.
Daily Alerts
Syndicate has 6+ squads, along with two divisional chats you can access with private mentors who share personal sauce.
200+ Opening Hooks
Forget not having ideas.. We have a dumb amount of ready to use viral hooks. Plus a secret formula to make hundreds.
50+ Viral Profile Studies
Want optimized algorithms? Open a new TT account and use our profile's channel to quickly find more accounts to study.
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Customer reviews
4.15 out of 5
(20 reviews)
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20d ago
I like how the creators of the course are actually engaged daily with the group. Seems like they really want to see us win. The biggest value comes from all the software you get access to. Over $600/mo worth of software, you get access to. If you're willing to put in the work, you'll succeed here. You have everything you need to do so: course, community, and tools.
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1 month ago
The course has been so helpful in leveling up my online income!
User avatar
2 months ago
Best group out there for all things Tiktok! The community is actually amazing, the owners respond to all your messages, and they host exclusive calls with some of the best marketers in the space. I'm usually super hesitant to join paid groups because most owners really don't care about their members, but it is definitely not the case for the syndicate. They are literally always there for you in the chat and if you dm them, they will always help you. If you want to remain a bummy marketer, then don't buy, but if you actually want to learn and get better then this is the perfect place.
What's TikTok Syndicate?
We teach creators here how to sell with short-form and connect them with brands in order to close bigger deals. What makes us different is that we help top creators become brand owners as well by giving them equity in our own brands.
How fast will I make money when I join?
All members should be able to make over $100 within 30Day's of joining. This includes free members. We process refunds if you fail to achieve this goal. We make it very simple to make back what you spend immediately.
Do I have to pay for additional software to make this work?
No, we provide every single subscription you'll need to get you up and running. No extra cost.
How active is the community inside?
We have multiple people earning thousands of dollars inside Our goal is to set specific times of peak activity in order to keep momentum and create habits.
Will the admins personally help me?
You can create private tickets or directly DM the admins and they'll respond. You can ask us anything in these private tickets including audits. We also include calls constantly where we review pages.
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TikTok Syndicate
Social Media β€’ TikTok

20 reviews

Syndicate is home to dozens of the Top 500 TikTok Shop Sellers, along with many 7/8 figure brands looking to hire creators. Commended by Stefan Georgi who did $1BN+ Sales in Copywriting