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Vanta Trading

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An Educational Based Live Trading Community

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Live Voice Trading
Join for pre-market prep daily and live voice trading with our experienced team.
Trading Community
Join a vibrant community of like-minded traders who share the same goal of trading profitably in our live rooms
Trading Education
Access video reviews of trades, trade setups, and methods that our experienced team has honed over the years.
Trader Evaluation
Free, no-obligation trader evaluation and review to all members, both free and subscription providing tailored support
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(4 reviews)
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6 months ago
They are great traders and great teachers. They point out the things I missed on my analysis and things that I need to improve. My trading has greatly improved with their guidance.. Highly Recommended.
6 months ago
Learning a ton from these guys - they give each student a 1on1 approach to assist with their gaps in trading while also providing quantifiable strats backed by data to help see the market cleaner. A+
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7 months ago
the trader evaluation was an eye opening experience, just filling it out helped me identify areas I need to improve
What makes Vanta different from other trading rooms?
We are not a passive call-out room. Our members actively participate in live conversations, discussing positions, areas of interest, and the overall trading process. We offer personalized guidance and a measure of effectiveness through our Trader Evaluation, which is free to anyone in our free or subscription tiers. We provide access to educational content including video reviews of trades, trade setups and methods, and we have an active community who participate in educational discussions and content in our Discord server.
What is the Trader Evaluation, and how do I take advantage of it?
Committed to supporting traders of all levels, we've introduced a unique measure of our effectiveness—the trader evaluation. This evaluation starts with establishing a baseline, followed by personalized homework, suggestions, and guidance. We maintain regular follow-ups to track progress, ensuring a tailored approach to each trader's journey. While some may find the evaluation form or exercise initially intimidating, it's designed not to pass judgment but to offer valuable insights into your current strategies, experience, mindset, and systems. Even if you choose not to share it with us, filling out the evaluation can provide a clear picture of your strengths and areas for improvement. This free, no-obligation service is open to any trader, whether or not you decide to join us. Let us assist you in discovering potential leaks, areas for improvement, and recognizing the aspects of trading you've already mastered.
Is this service suitable for beginners, or is it more tailored to traders with advanced levels of experience?
Our services are crafted to benefit traders at any level of experience by guiding you to discover what works best for your individual style. While we won’t dictate our strategies, we aim to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary. It’s important to have a basic understanding of futures trading and trade execution to fully leverage our offerings. That is why the Trader Evaluation is an important part of our process. This allows us to provide insights to help you refine your approach and enhance your trading skills.
Are you trading live accounts?
Yes, we actively trade live accounts as our primary approach. Our objective is to model effective trading behavior, an aspect that can’t be accurately replicated in a simulation account. While there may be instances where we transition to sim to safeguard capital, we remain committed to practicing and refining our strategies. We will always be transparent, and clearly communicate if we transition to sim mode.
What is your refund policy on annual subscriptions?
We recognize that each trader has a unique perspective, and our services may not be the perfect fit for everyone. We provide a 14-day free trial period to allow you to experience our services before making a purchase, ensuring you have the opportunity to assess our suitability for your needs. If you find yourself unsatisfied with our services, please contact us directly.
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Vanta Trading
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Vanta Trading is a community dedicated to education, aiming to cultivate a consistent approach to the markets and create opportunities for its members. We are committed to expediting traders' journeys towards achieving their goals.