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AZ Trading

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"Navigate the Markets with Precision at Your Fingertips! Join our Daily ICT Tape Reading Livestreams and Trade the Index Futures like a Pro."

This TradingView indicator includes:

Every Setting is highly customisable! Make it your own

  • PO3 (HTF-Candles up to 10)
  • MTF Fair value gaps
  • MTF Volume Imbalances
  • Session Liquidity
  • SMT Divergence
  • RTH Gap Detection
  • ICT Macros
  • ICT Killzones
  • Midnight Open
  • 08:30 Open
  • Daily Open
  • VWAP
  • Market Structure
  • ZigZag
  • Daily Divider
  • Weekdays
  • Sundays

And more to come!

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ICT All in One

Daily Discord Livestreams
Educational Livestreams trading futures based on my unique ICT methods || *LIVE EXECUTIONS*
Daily Trade Signals
Daily Signals based on ICT Concepts
All in One ICT Indicator
22 Indicators in ONE || Power of Three Candles || MTF Fair Value Gaps || MTF Volume Imbalances || ICT Macros
Educational Content
Learn everything about ICT Concepts!
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Customer reviews
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(42 reviews)
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5 months ago
An indicator that meets my needs. It makes it unnecessary to use more than one indicator. I recommend it to everyone.
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6 months ago
Very good trading strategy.almost every day is in profit
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6 months ago
this man AZ is a complete wizard on the charts! im a new trader grinding my new funded account so im learning everyday but im telling you this man knows his stuff. You can see he has 39 reviews all 5 stars for a reason! From the all in one indicator to just hearing and watching his thought process when trading live. this community has helped me build tons of more confidence and structure while sharpening my edge to the markets. Honestly AZ is one of the most slept on mentors you can find. you can tell he is very passionate about his craft and for the amount of value he provides, you wont find anything better. if you truly want to learn how to trade ict concepts its really a no brainer. read the reviews for yourself! im telling you. Me personally i appreciate all the efforts and knowledge AZ provides day in and day out. this is only the beginning for me but i can say i will def be a member of this discord for life. 5/5 stars easy
When do you stream live on discord?
I stream live at least 4 times per week during the New York Killzone from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM (NY-Time) sometimes even during the London Killzone!
What are your tape reading livestreams like?
Just check out my Youtube Playlist of all Tape Reading Sessions of 2024 -> Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgQ4v6wXXj5tEPMzaU1oRPAjKHBr-iiPy
Tell me more about the "All in One" ICT Indicator
Watch my Youtube Video Playlist where I cover all the current features! -> Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgQ4v6wXXj5uY2IFDTUIB17puTjWQaUJt
What's it like on your Discord Server?
Check it out yourself and join us now: https://discord.gg/accumulation-zone
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Accumulation Zone
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42 reviews

Active Trading Community since 2021! Join my daily ICT-livestreams and get access to our premium Indicators here on Whop. Check out my Youtube Channel and learn more about what I do @Accumulation-Zone