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Welcome to AlphaTradingPro's Platinum Monthly Membership! For $85 a month, experience trading in a league of its own with daily live premarket prep and all-day live trading in our VIP Chat. Gain weekly insights from charts with key levels, trade setups and call-outs along with our daily morning newsletter by Alpha himself. Also at your disposal are 0dte SPX trades, swing trades & even futures trades with Risk Management Guidelines on VOICE! Dive into the market waves with us, riding the trend towards your financial success!

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0dte SPX, Swing Trades, Futures Trades w/ Risk Management Guidelines on VOICE!
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Daily Live Premarket Prep via Premium Voice Channel! Live Trading ALL DAY by Alpha in Premium VIP Chat
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Weekly charts with Key Levels!
Daily Morning Newsletter by Alpha!
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14d ago
Manish the Alpha Trading Pro is the master options trader! Daily hundreds to thousand+ % gainers. Cute losses quick with no emotional attachment. I joined here to learn from the best!
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1 month ago
Alpha Trading Pro Group is an exceptional community of traders who focus on daily options and stock trading. The group led by Manish, a meticulous moderator who provides a daily newsletter. Each day before the market opens, Manish shares his insights and updates via screen sharing and maintains an active presence on voice chat throughout the trading day. The group also includes other senior traders who bring a wealth of experience to the table. The atmosphere is free from FOMO (fear of missing out) and unnecessary hype, creating a professional and supportive environment. Some of their trades, particularly with SPX and other large-cap stocks, achieve impressive gains of 300-500% on a daily basis, which continues to astonish me. Being part of this knowledgeable and skilled community is highly recommended. It's a great feeling to be among traders who truly know what they are doing. Cheers to Alpha Trading Pro Group!
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2 months ago
Great community to be a part of. Regular members share insights on tickers to watch and potential trades they are looking at. Manish shares his outlook at the beginning of every trading day. He and other members are available throughout the day on voice chat, which helps to get confirmation if you're looking at a trade to get into. The regular voice chat is a game changer for those that are looking to better their trading skills. I would summarize by saying this community is not an alert service. It's a place to discuss trades, the market, and learn how to trade. The call outs on the trades that Manish and other members take is just one part of the benefits of joining this group.
What's your refund policy? and cancellation policy?
All sales are deemed final at present. If you wish to avoid charges, kindly cancel your subscription before its scheduled renewal date.
Is Alpha Trading Pro LLC a licensed advisor?
Alpha Trading is not registered as an investment advisor or a broker/dealer with the CFTC, NFA, or any futures & securities regulatory authority. We do not possess non-public information about publicly traded companies. The content available on the Discord server, "Alpha Trading Pro," or our social media accounts should not be construed as financial or investment advice. Users should be aware that all information provided is for entertainment and educational purposes only. It is not intended as a personalized investment recommendation and may not align with specific portfolios or individual investment needs.
Is this financial advice?
No. The information provided on this platform is general and does not take into account the specific circumstances of any individual or entity. All content expresses opinions and is intended strictly for informational purposes. For investment decisions in the stock market, it is advisable to consult with a licensed professional.
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Alpha Trading Pro
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0DTE SPX trading, we consistently achieve a win rate exceeding 75%. Come check us out!