When creating a valuable product that is unique and enticing to consumers. It is important that you ensure that your content or company is not being abused or having its unique offerings replicated or stolen.

With Whop you can now make air tight prerequisites for new customers trying to join your platform. With this ability you can properly filter through potential members to make sure you are only allowing strong members into your community.

Setting up prerequisites

To find prerequisites on your dashboard click into the settings of the offering and check the 'include pre-requisites box'.

Once clicked this will show a number of different prerequisites you can require users to have before claiming your plan or specific offering.

For example, if you want to limit your users to only people who are following your companies Twitter account you can input that in this pre-requisite. This will filter your potential users and create a new barrier to entry into your group.

This is a great way to help build a strong community for your business and ensure that all members are active and valuable to your community.