Trading crypto always comes with its fair share of risk. The markets can be super volatile, with 4-5% drops within a day being somewhat common, even in cryptocurrencies with large market caps. Thus, finding the right moment to buy and sell your coins is difficult, but it could make or break your crypto trading journey.

That’s where Crypto Galaxy (CG) comes in to help you on that journey. CG is an experienced crypto trader who has amassed a large following on social media for his investments in altcoins and the occasional memecoin. He doesn’t dabble in any of the blue chip cryptos, like BTC and ETH, but instead focuses on trading altcoins with a reasonable market cap.

In our review, we’ll see what CG’s Discord server and whop have to offer, how much it’ll cost you to access these, and take a look at the communities. For now, let’s take a step back and see who Crypto Galaxy is.

The Intergalactic Owner of Crypto Galaxy

crypto galaxy

A self-proclaimed crypto trader and influencer, Crypto Galaxy has been in the game for some time. Besides his Discord, CG is very active on social media and has a pretty successful YouTube channel, where he posts videos and hosts live streams all about his crypto escapades.

Going back to his whop, CG’s exclusive community has been topping the charts with 270+ 5-star reviews and has earned the coveted Whop Verified badge. Whop only reserves this badge for the best servers on the marketplace, and it can’t be simply bought.

That’s all well and all, but what do you really get when you join Crypto Galaxy? Let’s find out.

All The Crypto Alerts You Need

crypto alerts

For starters, CG’s server’s prime offering is his crypto alerts. He posts daily alerts to inform members what coins he buys or sells. He’s very specific with his alerts, always noting how much he trades and at what price point so that all members can decide if they want to follow.

What really stands out once you join the server is how active CG is. You’ll get plenty of daily announcements with tips, where he boosts the members’ morale and pushes the idea of “trusting the process”. Speaking of announcements, you’ll also get alerts when new coins are being added to exchanges.

On top of that, though, his transparency regarding his trades and portfolio is noteworthy. CG posts every trade, and consistently updates the entire server with how he distributes his portfolio.

As always, we suggest you don’t blindly follow every trade. CG also notes that across every platform he’s active on. You must always do your due diligence, even when buying or selling seems like a no-brainer.

Thankfully, CG has got you covered on that aspect as well…

crypto galaxy guides

Perhaps the most significant of CG’s offerings is his guides and courses. While you won’t get access to all his courses with the basic subscription, Crypto Galaxy has compiled plenty of guides that you can read on his whop. 

As an added benefit, you can also have a read through his very own crypto ebook 'Crypto Constellation', which is a great resource for beginners and experienced crypto traders alike.

If you do go for one of the more premium memberships, you’ll get access to CG’s increasing library of courses. We’ll get into that a bit more later on.

Right now, let’s see one very big part of the server - the community itself.

Chatrooms Galore

A Discord server is nothing without its community, and CG has added just about all the chatrooms you’ll need. Even with your basic membership, you’ll get access to all of these chats, where you can speak to every member and moderator, contact support, and become an active part of the community.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into these. For one, you’ve got your general chats, where you can talk about anything, chat to support, or speak only with your fellow VIPs. Then, there are dedicated trading chats, mostly around degen trades and memes, but you’ll also find discussions about crypto futures.

The largest chunk of chats, though, is around CG’s portfolio. Each of his holdings has a separate chat, where members will share their trades, any insider news, or simply talk about the coins themselves.

In general, the community is super active and very welcoming to new members, so that’s a definite plus.

What You Get With Crypto Galaxy

This is probably a lot of info to take in. So, let’s narrow down everything you can get when you become a member of CG’s Discord.

  • Crypto Buy and Sell Alerts
    All of Crypto Galaxy’s buys and sells, with specific price points and investment capital for each
  • Tons of educational info and courses
    PDF Guides, CG’s ebook, and courses are all available through the whop and the Discord
  • Consistent tips and announcements
    Access to CG’s daily tips and announcements around specific cryptos and the overall market
  • Very active and friendly community
    Plenty of chats, from general to crypto-specific, where you can talk with every other member and moderator on the Discord

Ultimate, VIP, or Bundle?

crypto galaxy whop

There’s no doubt that CG offers tons of value through his Discord and whop. But, all this will come at a cost, which might be a little steep if you're just starting out.

The basic VIP membership will cost you $179/month, with 3-month and yearly discounts, as well as a $2,499 one-time fee for lifetime access. Then, there’s the Ultimate Membership, which gives you all the VIP perks, as well as a portfolio review from and direct communication with CG. The Ultimate is priced at $599/month and also has 3-month and yearly discounts.

Now, there’s also the Bundle option, which gives you a lifetime VIP membership and access to all the courses CG has created, as well as every new course. You’ll also get two 30-minute video calls with the man himself. The price point for the Bundle sits at $4,999.

These prices are certainly not the cheapest. But, Crypto Galaxy is mostly targeted to people with large budgets who will be investing thousands in crypto every year. For these folks, the education the get from the server and the big number of alerts every week are definitely good value for money.

Crypto Galaxy – To Infinity and Beyond with Daily Crypto Alerts

Crypto Galaxy is pretty straightforward with what he offers: crypto alerts, heaps of educational content, and a very vibrant community. It doesn’t get much simpler than this, which is great in this case.

CG has really put a lot of effort into creating the community and puts in the work every day to make sure that his crypto portfolio can be trusted and followed by every member of the server. But, again, as CG has emphasized to the community, always do your due diligence.

If you’re ready to hop on that spaceship and become a part of Crypto Galaxy, check the community out on the Whop Marketplace. Join the server that’s full of like-minded traders and utilize the whop to watch all of the video courses.