Whop Verified is our way of recognizing the top sellers on the marketplace! If you see the verified badge next to a company, you know that they meet Whop’s highest standards for quality digital products. Verification badges require thorough vetting, so only the best can receive the badge (No, they don't pay $8 per month).

Finding verified sellers

There are several places you can look to find verified sellers. On the homepage, Whop has dedicated rankings for verified sellers so you can view the top companies with verified badges. Customers can also filter by verified sellers within a specific category if they wish to browse through verified trading groups for example!

What can I expect from a verified seller?

If you’re purchasing from a verified seller, know that you’re purchasing from Whop’s finest. Expect a top notch product and buyer experience from anyone with a checkmark, and if you’re not satisfied, Whop’s support can handle any requests to make sure you’re taken care of.