The Forex Fury expert advisor (EA) is an automated trading robot that has been on the market since 2015, which in itself is a testament to quality and longevity given that the churn rate in the automated trading software market is high.

Created and owned by trading influencer Patrick Ryan, a.k.a TradewithPat, the Forex Fury EA has seen over 13,000 accounts across its 9+ year life and is in its sixth version. According to Ryan, the bot has a 93% win rate, and Trustpilot scores the bot at a 4.6 (Excellent) rating across 242 reviews.

So, how does Forex Fury work and how can it help you beat the markets? This review will take a deeper look at just what Forex Fury is all about, so read on.     

What is Forex Fury?


Forex Fury is an automated trading robot that focuses on advanced scalping mechanics, or in other words, a piece of software that connects to a live trading account and places orders on your behalf.

Once you purchase it, you can connect it to any MetaTrader MT4 or MT5 broker that you have a live account with. All you have to do is configure the software, then sit back and let it run. It was designed to trade on the forex market, and according to the creators will work best in low volatility, range-bound conditions.

The standard bot settings, therefore, target the end of the US trading day between 4 and 5pm. This is configurable, however, so you can change the bot’s parameters to operate at more convenient times (in case you can’t have your PC and trading platform up at those times) or other trading hours that you’ve identified that meet the strategy’s optimal conditions.

Your broker will also matter, given that this is a scalping bot—any broker using MetaTrader will nominally work, but you’d want to choose a broker with low spreads and best execution for less slippage in order to maximize your earnings.

Forex Fury originally operated on the GBPUSD trading pair when it first released, but it now trades just about every major Forex pair, as well as stock indices and crypto as long as your broker uses the MetaTrader platform.

You can expect the bot to make up to seven trades during the set trading hour every day, and the software is in compliance with the relevant National Futures Association regulations. Risk management is also configurable, and as the user, you’ll be able to tweak the software’s approach between different risk profiles.

Why Purchase Forex Fury?

why forex fury

The main benefit of using a trading algorithm like Forex Fury is that it essentially converts all your hardware and software into a source of passive income—so you can look at your rig, your funded account and the Forex Fury’s cost as an investment, and then let the bot plug away at recouping those costs.

If bot-maker Patrick Ryan’s claims are to be believed and the vast majority of Forex Fury’s trades are indeed profitable, then you should see those initial costs paid back quickly—and whatever you make on top of that then becomes pure profit (minus the electricity cost of running your PC, that is).

Trading isn’t for everyone, but trading algorithms like Forex Fury help significantly in that regard by taking your own trading skills, confidence, and aptitude out of the equation by doing all of the trading for you.

Even if you are a skilled trader, manually scalping markets like Forex isn’t necessarily easy. It’s a lot easier to let a bot do the work while you focus on other trades or even other styles of trading—you could be a swing trader looking for undervalued companies or a long-term investor, but also dedicate a secondary account to allowing Forex Fury to scalp on the side.

Forex Fury maintains a Myfxbook page where you can view the robot’s performance yourself, and once you buy in, you can get started with an account minimum of just $100.

Forex Fury: A Summary

Let’s take a quick look at what you’ll get by purchasing the Forex Fury EA:

  • MetaTrader MT4/MT5 Robot
    Forex Fury can be connected to your trading account as long as you use a broker who utilizes the MetaTrader platform.
  • Trade Forex, Indices, or Crypto
    The robot was designed to trade a single forex pair at launch but now allows you a huge variety of pairs and assets to trade.
  • Range-based Trading
    The robot trades one hour per day, and one pair per account to avoid volatility.
  • High Win Rate
    The Forex Fury team led by Patrick Ryan advertises a 93% win rate on trades that the Forex Fury bot makes.
  • Transparent Results
    You can visit the Forex Fury Myfxbook page linked above to check out the bot’s performance stats before you buy.
  • Multiple Risk Options
    You can configure the bot to suit your risk profile by choosing between low, medium, and high-risk parameters.
  • Easy Installation
    Installing the Forex Fury EA is extremely easy, and comprehensive guides are available for you to follow.
  • Lifetime Updates and Membership
    You get lifetime updates and membership to Forex Fury when you make a one-time payment for the software license.
  • Account Size
    You can even use the bot on a $0 demo account or a $100 micro account, unlike many other trading algorithms.

How to Purchase and Download Forex Fury?

buy forex fury

Forex Fury currently offers two distinct purchase options, Gold and Diamond. Both of these are one-time payments, meaning that you’ll have all of the Forex Fury software and associated benefits including lifetime updates and comprehensive support once you make this purchase.

The best place to start is Forex Fury Gold, because it gives you a single account license to get started with. You can then test the software to the fullest, and play around with all of the various settings and options on hand—you might even consider putting your own skills to the test on a separate account and see if you can beat the bot.

Once you start seeing the value of Forex Fury EA, you can then start thinking about getting the bot going on a second account. That’s where the Diamond plan comes in at $459.99, while the single license Gold option is priced at $249.99. 

After making your purchase, check your email (don’t forget to check your Junk or Spam folder) for the Forex Fury members’ area registration link that is sent immediately. You can download the Forex Fury software using that link.

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Forex Fury is a well-known name in the trading EA world, and the fact that it’s been around for so long speaks volumes. With over 13,000 accounts registered and the backing of creator Patrick Ryan, you can rest assured that Forex Fury can help you add a new dimension to your trading, letting you earn without having to lift a finger.

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