Founded in the very beginning of 2020, GFNF is a group made by a group of mysterious online internet entrepreneurs who capitalized quickly on the reselling and crypto opportunities of the early 2020s.

Since then, the group has become a popular resource for people wanting to enter the potentially lucrative game of reselling, in addition to other opportunities. The now-veteran admins of GFNF have mastered an impressively broad array of money-making skills, including sports betting, NFT, and ticket reselling advice. Together, the GFNF team has successfully built an inside circle of winners within its private Discord community where success is shared every day.

Here’s a guide covering why GFNF is such an appealing group to join, what you get should you choose to join, and how you can become an online money-making expert with this and other groups on Whop.

Why Join GFNF?


If you want to be on the pulse of everything reselling and online money, joining GFNF is an excellent choice, as they cover all different avenues of reselling, earning them the title of a true all-in-one reselling group.

Feedback from the members is also compelling: in its past 4 years of operating as a private Discord community, GFNF has garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback, with 350+ 5-star reviews and success screenshots shared daily by a large group of members inside.

It’s hard not to be convinced to join GFNF when you hear about all of the success to be had inside the exclusive community. The icing on the cake is that you will quickly realize that these founders actually care about every single member’s individual success, and they’re also clearly experts who are always on top of the latest trends, including money-making opportunities outside of just reselling.

Another good reason to join is because of the friendliness of the group. Total beginners need not be intimidated or worried about veterans turning a cold shoulder to noob questions–GFNF is known to welcome members of any level, their only hope is that your ambitions are as high as everyone else’s so you can keep the vibe of the group high.

A True All-in-One Cook Group

GFNF Discord
Success inside of GFNF as seen on their Instagram

While some private Discord communities, aka cook groups, have a narrow focus of expertise, GFNF has from the beginning intended to be a one-stop shop for someone who wants to capitalize on every online money opportunity, making it a true AIO (All-in-One) group.

As seen inside of their success channel, members are posting wins in everything from gaming consoles and other profitable electronics to sports betting and more.

When you join, you can be assured that you’ll get the inside scoop on absolutely anything and everything that you might consider if you’re a hungry hustler looking to build up some healthy revenue streams.

They say that the average millionaire has around seven sources of income, and being inside of GFNF will certainly add to your number of income streams so you get closer to that ideal number!

What You Get With GFNF

GFNF group

Upon joining GFNF, you’ll be met with a smorgasbord of channels that are all dedicated to your success in a number of niches, including:

  • Sneakers
    Reselling sneakers requires being tapped into news sources to know which shoe releases are profitable, in addition to the process of buying and selling them. GFNF has this covered as this was one of their largest areas of expertise starting out.
  • Tickets
    Concert and sporting events tickets for the most popular headliners often sell out quickly and reenter the market at a higher price, granting profit to ticket resellers. Learn how to do this inside GFNF!
  • Electronics
    Most of the newest gaming consoles are impossible to get upon their release, meaning a markup in the market that goes to the resellers. GFNF has constant success with those that flip these consoles and other profitable electronics such as GPUs.
  • Sports Betting
    While sports betting falls into the gambling category and should be approached with caution, GFNF lays out the best strategies for your highest edge against the house so you have the best chance at gaining incredible profits.
  • Comics, Legos, Video Games, Funkos and Other Collectibles
    Reselling never sleeps, and with retail arbitrage opportunities in every realm, it is important to be in the know like GFNF is for all collectibles, including video games, Funkos, legos and more.
  • Crypto and NFTs
    One of the most volatile markets is that of cryptocurrencies, which includes NFTs. With the extreme volatility comes the ability to make ridiculous returns, but similarly, it is possible to get wrecked fast. GFNF has crypto experts who let you in on all the latest news and opportunities within the crypto market.
  • Amazon FBA and FBM
    Starting an Amazon business is becoming increasingly harder as more sellers continue to enter the market in 2024, but this doesn’t mean that the door of opportunity has shut. GFNF admins have years of experience launching, scaling and sustaining Amazon businesses in both the FBA and FBM categories, so if you want to start one this year, you’re in good hands with advice from the right people.
  • Price Errors
    Imagine being able to score an item at a Black Friday-like discount, but without having to fight a crazy crowd. Price errors can happen on large sites such as Amazon and big box retailers, granting the opportunity to grab items at a crazy low discount. You’ll have to see it to believe it, so to learn more about this, join GFNF.

As you can see, GFNF covers the full spectrum! But don’t worry about becoming a victim to information overwhelm, you’ll get a one-on-one onboarding call to kick you off, set your mind right, and get your goals on point so that you can make efficient use of everything the group has to offer! 

Inside of GFNF, you’ll be able to chat with the knowledgeable staff 24/7, with different admin specialists for every category, in addition to being part of a driven community of money makers who are happy to help each other with advice and hype each other up.

Picking the Right Package

GFNF offers four different membership tiers. For just $20 per month, you get access to daily fantasy sports, plus straight bets and prize picks. You do not get access to concert ticket reselling tools or any tools for other alternate industries like vinyl or sneaker reselling.

If concert and ticket reselling is your thing, then for $50 per month you get real-time alerts for high-demand events, tools for fast checkout on limited quantity tickets, and coaching from the GFNF staff. You do not have access to sports betting slips or reselling tools for alternate industries.

However, if you want to have the full GFNF experience and understand the broader reselling industry, then you can do so for $17.50 per week (roughly $75 per month). When you subscribe to the full GFNF community you have access to the whole suite of reselling tools and education, including ticket reselling, sports betting, and all other niche categories.

Not sure where to start? Why not try the totally free membership for a peek inside the community and the goodies that can be had for full-access members?

Become an Online Money Making Expert with GFNF

It is clear to see why GFNF is so popular. The team has a breadth of education and experience, all of which can put you on the path to a successful reselling journey. If you’re ready to join GFNF, simply pick your plan on Whop and join by connecting your Discord account where you’ll gain access to the server upon successful payment.

👉 If you're ready to get started with one of the best AIO cook groups out there, join GFNF here today!