Traders just starting out might find it challenging to remain profitable, and some even lose consistently for years. That’s the story of Ben Zogby, the founder of HighStrike. Ben entered the trading world in 2016 when education and reliable signals were scarce. That led him to lose a lot of money and quit trading altogether.

However, his day job didn’t satisfy him, and so he ended up getting back into trading - creating HighStrike in the process. By 2020, he had become a successful trader earning six figures a month, and had grown a community of thousands of members.

HighStrike is a trading community that consists of several professional traders with over 25 years of combined experience. These guys have seen it all, and developed a system to help newcomers understand how trading works and how they can utilize specific signals to potentially make profits.

Through their meticulous work ethic and results, the HighStrike trading Discord server has gathered 10,000+ members from over 100 countries worldwide. Together, they do their best to find insightful trade ideas and signals to make it in the stock market.

Ready to try and make it in the world of trading? Then join us in our HighStrike review, where we dissect this trading Discord community to see how they operate. We’ll also give you the rundown of everything you’ll receive once you join the group.

The Ben Zogby Story

Ben Zogby, the founder of HighStrike, got into trading in 2016 while he was still in college. However, he lacked proper education on the stock market, which translated to consistent losses for a few years. That was when he decided to leave the trading world, graduate from college, and get an engineering job.

His entrepreneurial spirit kept pushing him though, and he wasn’t happy with his wastewater treatment occupation. So, he took a leap of faith, became a full-time trader, and established HighStrike.

After just a few months came the first successes, and by January 2020, Ben consistently earned over $100K a month from trading. Since then, HighStrike has kept growing, adding new seven and eight-figure traders to the team and helping thousands of members worldwide.

Why Join HighStrike?

So, what’s HighStrike all about? Well, this community is all about sharing what they have learned. If you’re new to trading, you’ll want to join them for their well-researched signals on options and forex, as well as their educational content.

As soon as you jump into the Discord server, you’ll find a tutorial by Ben Chaffee, the Head Trader on HighStrike, on what each channel includes. The main trading section is the “Signals” channels, where all HighStrike traders post daily alerts for trades they take. There’s also a handy “Watchlist” channel, where Ben and the others post their thoughts about potential signals, including their entry points, price targets, and stop losses.

All traders at HighStrike create daily audio and video content with live trading at different times to ensure all members get a chance to participate. And if you can’t join in the live audio signals, you’ll also get written daily alerts on everything the group spots during their live sessions. Ben Chaffee also does Pre-Market Videos every day early in the morning to talk about the upcoming trade day.

HighStrike doesn’t just provide you with signals and trading ideas, though. It’s very important to have consistent support when taking your first steps, and HighStrike knows this. That’s why they’re always available to answer questions and support you directly. They even help you deal with your emotions, which is essential if you want to succeed in such a volatile endeavor.

Learn and Improve as You Go

highstrike discord

As we mentioned above, HighStrike was created as a result of the failures of its founder, Ben Zogby, when he was starting out. These failures were due to a lack of proper education on trading, which is why he strived to create the ultimate education hub for all things trading.

It all starts with the HighStrike Trading School, which consists of 100+ video tutorials on everything related to trading. In the beginning, you’ll learn basic trading ideas and how to set up your broker account and trading setup. By the end, you’ll have discovered all the advanced trading strategies available, so you can pick the one that fits your needs most.

However, the learning doesn’t stop there. HighStrike knows how important it is to practice what you’ve learned actively, so they have dedicated sections to provide in-depth trading plans for stocks with potential upcoming value. These shouldn’t be treated as signals but as a kick-off point for you to use the things you learned in action.

There are also dedicated failures and successes channels, where members comment among themselves and with the traders on what they could improve and celebrate their victories. Some members even provide their own daily signals, so you have even more trading ideas to choose from.

What You Get With HighStrike

Below, you can find a quick recap of all the features you can expect to get once you become a HighStrike member.

  • Daily trading signals
    Several different signals on a daily basis, including individual stocks, options, and forex trading from the group’s expert traders.
  • Access to the Trading School
    Educational content that includes thousands of hours of videos that teach you everything from essential trading concepts to more advanced techniques and strategies.
  • Live signaling sessions
    Multiple daily sessions, where the traders provide live audio or video signals as the market is open, including written alerts for those who can’t participate.
  • Direct support from the team
    All traders are constantly available to answer any questions and help you solve any issues surrounding your analysis, trade reviews, or emotions.
  • Huge and active community
    Large Discord group featuring over 10,000 members from 142 countries, all eager to help each other out and become successful traders.

Monthly and Yearly Plans

highstrike package

Every HighStrike membership includes all features and signals in the Discord group. All you need to do is pay the monthly subscription of $199 or choose the annual plan for $1,990, which basically gives you two months for free. While the price tag might seem high, keep in mind the community has been active for many years, and the traders have a combined experience of more than 25 years. 

In fact, HighStrike is so well-established that it’s already received its Whop Verified badge, even though it’s only been on Whop for a short time. Being a Whop Verified group means you offer top services and care deeply about each and every customer. The Verified badge cannot be bought out – it’s only reserved for the top communities on the platform.

HighStrike - Start Improving your Trading Game from Day One

As you can see, HighStrike places great emphasis on creating the next generation of successful traders. They don’t just want you to blindly follow their signals and trade ideas. They aim to teach you what they wish to have known when starting out. That way, you’ll have a better chance of success in an otherwise highly competitive and unpredictable market.

Join the HighStrike trading community on the Whop marketplace today and learn how you can improve your game from experts who’ve been doing it for years. Discover aspiring traders just like you, who all want to help each other and reach the top together!