Honey Drip Trading is a finance community that devotes itself to financial planning, investment, and the setting and execution of individual financial goals. Part of the Honey Drip Network, Honey Drip Trading focuses on options trading as one of the main vehicles of wealth-building and already counts over 10,000 members.

The Honey Drip Trading community doesn’t solely focus on options and derivatives, though, educating members in plenty of other areas so that they can elevate their trading skills and find multiple areas of expertise. Each member is given a detailed assessment, and the Honey Drip Trading team works with them to create a personalized plan that sees them develop the skills they need.

The group is all about setting and meeting financial goals and the success of their members is first and foremost—to date, they boast a win rate of 89%, and members have tallied over $100 million in profit!

Why Join Honey Drip Trading?

Honey Drip Trading about us

When you sign up for Honey Drip Trading, you’re becoming part of a great community that caters to your personal financial needs. However, the word 'community' might not do the group enough justice. What Honey Drip Trading advertises as their options trading chat, for instance, also gives you access to trading bots, alerts, group watchlists, and training materials.

The community element of the trading journey certainly can’t be underestimated, but it’s far from the extent of the group’s offering. With Honey Drip Trading’s “Honey Drip University” program, you’re also getting access to live courses and recordings that will help you learn your way around the markets in no time.

HDT all access pass

One exciting feature of Honey Drip Trading is the fact that they include sports betting in the mix - not as some kind of addition or extra, but very much part of the core product mix. This makes sense because sports betting is one of those areas where you can give yourself a real edge when armed with the right training in betting principles, strategy, responsible bankroll management, and the use of data.

While sports betting can’t be compared to investing, it certainly can be equated with derivatives trading—and given the outsized role that self-regulated institutions tend to play in the financial markets, a well-informed sports bettor often has as good as, or even a better shot at winning than many an options trader. 

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Ultimately though, Honey Drip Trading is all about plotting your way toward financial independence by exploring every option available to you. Unlike a lot of other groups, they don’t discount certain avenues or trading styles—they’ll work with you to find out where you are most comfortable when it comes to strategies and style, and then develop a plan to skill you up so that you can execute it well.

Find Your Style!

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Honey Drip Trading sets itself apart from other trading and investing groups with its broad focus, but that doesn’t mean you’re forced into a package containing extras that you won’t want or use. Going for their All Access plans gives you everything, but if the thought of sports betting or options trading doesn’t strike the right chord with you, you can opt-out right away.

The group has plans that isolate sports betting or options if you prefer one or the other, and you can even go lighter on the mentorship aspects of the offering if you just want the group channels, open courses, and daily picks.

That said, every plan has a significant educational aspect to it, since that’s what Honey Drip Trading is really all about. The group has a mission of simplifying finance for you, whether that’s through personalized planning or the extensive training and education they have on offer.

HDT package

In fact, Honey Drip Trading’s mentorship really takes it to the next level. With their Collab Mentorship plan, you get a 5-week mentorship program which boils down to 4 weeks of live Zoom training, complete with extensive Q&A after each training session. Then there’s 1 week of live Q&A after the conclusion of the 4 weeks of Zoom training in order to review, revise, and perfect those learnings.

You’ve also got access to live session recordings if you want to go over the sessions again later on, which means a whole 4 weeks of on-demand watching experts trade live, talking through their moves and detailing strategy and trading philosophy for you.

On top of this, you’ve got separate training dedicated to options training and sports betting, in addition to the live classes falling under Honey Drip University.

What You Get With Honey Drip Trading

Let’s take a detailed look at what you’ll get by signing up with Honey Drip Trading and getting access to their online trading group:

  • Personalized Planning
    Honey Drip Trading will work with you to develop personalized plans and strategies targeted at achieving your financial goals.
  • Mentorship
    By signing up for the Honey Drip Trading Collab Mentorship plan, you’ll get all the benefits of a 5-week mentorship plan with their expert traders and coaches.
  • On-Demand Resources
    In addition to all of the live instruction and Zoom training that’s part of the mentorship program, Honey Drip Trading gives you access to a vast amount of on-demand material including live session recordings.
  • Live Trading
    You can follow Honey Drip Trading’s experts as they trade right the way through from pre-market all the way to close when you add live trading to your options plan.
  • Daily Trade Alerts and Watchlist
    Being part of the Honey Drip Trading community means receiving daily alerts that you can follow and develop a watchlist of stocks to trade. 
  • Trading Bots
    Honey Drip Trading has its own trading bots, made available to you in order to complement your technical trading education.
  • Sports Betting Resources
    Add sports betting to your income streams with daily picks as well as best-in-class sports betting courses and training.
  • Great Community
    All of the above is supported by a fantastic community of individuals at different points in their own financial journey, all willing to share experiences and exchange ideas.

Picking the Right Package

HDT plans

Given their breadth of focus, it should come as no surprise that Honey Drip Trading has a lot of variety when it comes to packages and plans. As such, it’s worth thinking about what you really want before taking the plunge.

The All Access plans, pictured above, give you a very well-rounded set of benefits for $250 per month, or $2600 per year. They combine everything you get from the individual sports betting and options trading plans, and also include a significant amount of learning resources and materials. 

You can combine Honey Drip Trading’s Collab Mentorship with the yearly All Access as well to get the absolute maximum out of the group, although this will come to a $3600 up-front fee (the price of the collab mentorship in addition to the all-access subscription) and then $2600 in subsequent years.

It’s also an option to focus on either options trading or sports betting. The yearly options plans come in at $1100 or $2000 depending on whether you want access to daily live trading. The monthly versions of those are priced at $125 and $200 respectively, meaning that the annual options plan is quite the deal.

HDT options

On the sports betting front, you can get access to all of the Honey Drip Trading sports betting channels, daily picks, access to sports betting courses and training along with Honey Drip University classes for just $55 a month or $20 for 7 days.

HDT sports

Given the sheer variety between these different plans and the amount of options you can pick and choose from, we’d recommend the Honey Drip Trading trial packages. In addition to the 7-day sports betting trial, you can also pick up a 7-day option trading trial for $35 -or, if you also want to check out what the live trading looks like, just $40. Between the latter and the $20 sports betting trial package, you should know within a week whether Honey Drip Trading is for you!

HDT options trading

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Honey Drip Trading is a fantastic community irrespective of where you are in your financial journey, and they will take you all the way from goal-setting to execution with their blend of mentorship and education. If you want to achieve your financial ambitions, a group like Honey Drip Trading can help you get there irrespective of whether you’re more of an options trader or a sports bettor.

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