Larry’s Lounge is a 7000-strong online community brought together around a single passion—sports betting. Founded by Larry Locks, the community features a dedicated team of expert punters who each crush it in their own lane, meaning that members have access to a huge selection of sports to follow.

Whether it’s NBA, NFL, MLB, or NHL - or even NCAAF and NCAAB - you’re covered with Larry’s Lounge. They have elite cappers covering all of these and more, even international sports like soccer! 

An electric, thriving community, Larry’s Lounge gives you a chance to find your home as a sports bettor. It’s as welcoming a place as you’ll find online, and whether you’re new and need to learn the ropes or are looking for some real experts to bounce ideas off, this is definitely the place for you.

Why Join Larry’s Lounge?

Larry’s Lounge is all about great picks, providing thorough analysis and a full run-down of the thought process that goes into every play. They’ve also got some of the best research tools in the business, so you’re getting the A-Z of betting knowledge when you join even though the emphasis is on community and fun.

One of the main advantages that Larry’s Lounge offers is the wide selection of sports, meaning that you’ve got tons of picks to choose from. Each of the cappers has their own specialty, so it’s not about competition—it’s about each one storming down their own lane, and crushing it all around the year.

The community is extremely vibrant, which says a lot too. If success gets a crowd going, then that’s evidence of a whole lot of success in the Lounge—it’s an extremely active Discord server around the clock, and thrills are served all day long. That said, if you need somewhere to just kick back and talk about other topics, there are channels for that too. Good vibes everywhere! 

Larry's Lounge Discord community

That said, Larry's Lounge is about much more than the good vibes. The community has some solid research to share, and they’re up-front about their analysis. Transparency is prized too, to the point that they even use a 3rd party to track all of their plays and update their members!

Level up as a Sports Bettor

Larry's Lounge Whop

Larry’s Lounge doesn’t shout it off the rooftops, but education and responsible gambling are taken just as seriously in the community as having fun. The first place that new members are directed towards is a guide to bankroll management, and Larry and his cappers are clear about the fact that gambling isn’t a get rich quick-type scheme.

Larrys Lounge Discord Group

Calculated strategy and responsible bankroll management, along with the use of proper unit structure, are the watchwords here. Then it’s all about the expertise of the cappers - not just their ability to make great picks, but also to help you understand how and why they’re doing what they do.

Larry himself has channels dedicated to his picks, and you can follow all of his straights, ‘lays, and lottos day-to-day. All of the Lounge’s sports consultants have their own dedicated spaces too, and you can find them outlining their plays and then often talking through them and analyzing live, even placing the odd cheeky live bet.

What You Get With Larry’s Lounge

Let’s take a detailed look at what you’ll get by signing up with Larry’s Lounge and joining their Discord community via Whop:

  • Top picks
    One of the main selling points of Larry’s Lounge is the sports picks that they offer, so you can see exactly how and why the sports consultants in the community are making certain plays.
  • Pro handicappers
    Larry’s team are pros, so you’re getting the ability to tail a top capper irrespective of what sport you fancy—between the team they’ve got everything covered, so pick your favorites and tail their plays!
  • Full transparency
    Plenty of betting groups will only show you the wins, but the cappers at Larry’s will show you everything thanks to 3rd party tracking integration.
  • Exclusive events
    Take part in plenty of partner events and challenges when you join Larry’s Lounge - enjoy giveaways, contests, promos, and more.
  • Vibrant community
    Larry’s Lounge is a fantastic sports betting community numbering in the thousands, and if you want to talk to like-minded folks about a shared passion, this is the place to do it!
  • Research and education
    Strategy is taken seriously despite the up-beat, fast-moving tone of the community, and they’ve got the best research tools and some great educational resources designed to help you learn to become a better bettor.

Picking the Right Package

larry's lounge packages

Larry’s Lounge doesn’t overcomplicate things when it comes to membership options, so it’s all down to you and how long you’d like to sign up for. As always, it can be a good idea to go in for the fortnight option before deciding whether the Lounge is for you—at just $35, you’re not losing too much by doing so.

On the other hand, the $50 one month tier isn’t too far away, and that comes to a good $20 saved on a monthly basis over the fortnightly plan. This is a significant incentive if you don’t want too much of an outlay in one go. That said, the quarterly plan offers you still more savings over the monthly plan.

So, if Larry’s Lounge sounds like fun, we can recommend the quarterly option of $120—it offers substantial savings over the other two options, and odds are you’ll more than make up for the outlay with the time you spend in the group!

Sign up to Larry’s Lounge today!

Larry’s Lounge is one of the best sports gambling communities on the internet, and it’s worth a look if you’re after a place that’s not only fun to hang out in, but also provides you with all the research, tools, and strategies you need to become an expert punter.

👉So, check out the Larry’s Lounge Discord community if you want to skill up as a bettor and watch how the pros do it, day in, day out—learn from top handicappers, watch them work, and listen in as they discuss and analyze their latest plays. Sign up to the community and get involved at Larry’s Lounge today!