Do you remember the first time you witnessed someone cash in a huge parlay for thousands or even millions of dollars? That’s usually what gets most people into sports betting in the first place. Everyone wants a shot at winning a massive amount of money from their favorite sport.

So why isn’t every sports bettor rich? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple to hit these long multi-leg parlays consistently. These types of bets require tons of research and a lot of luck. However, you can easily take care of the “research” factor by joining an expert sports picks Discord server, like ParlayScience.

The ParlayScience community was formed by a few sports betting veterans who love parlay bets (it’s in the name, after all). They wanted to utilize their experience and ability to thoroughly research and analyze plays to provide members with well-educated parlay slips.

In this review, we take a closer look at what the ParlayScience team has to offer, how they operate, and what you can expect to gain from joining the community.

Why Join ParlayScience?

Let’s start with why it could be a good idea to become a ParlayScience member. If your betting style mainly revolves around parlay bets, you can just stop reading and go join them! The whole community is built around providing daily parlay plays with massive odds on all major sports, including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and Soccer.

ParlayScience also doesn’t shy away from single bets. They use dedicated stats as well as data algorithms and programs to find the best lines at the best possible odds. They then present them in the 'ParlayScience Lab' with deep explanations about the matchup and any relevant parameters. This way, you know you’re playing optimal lines at the best odds possible. You just need luck on your side to hit.

To make things very clear, large parlays are not easy to hit. In fact, you’d be lucky to hit one out of ten or even more, depending on the number of legs and total odds. ParlayScience does its best to give you well-researched picks, betting strategies, and bankroll management tips. This way, if you manage to hit one out of a few slips, you can recuperate your losses and even potentially make a profit.

On top of all the daily picks and strategies to learn, ParlayScience also boasts a large and very healthy community. At its core, you’ll find dedicated members who all help each other out and like to talk about their favorite sports. The ParlayScience Discord group also hosts plenty of giveaways, where all members can participate, and even sells merch, if you want to represent the brand when you’re out and about.

Pick and Choose Who You’re Tailing

parlayscience discord

Once you join the ParlayScience Discord server, you’ll find a channel called “Who to tail”, which lists the entire team of cappers and where each one specializes. The team is very big, and it’s important to choose the right people to follow. That’s because it’s not viable to tail every single play posted on the server - you will end up ruining your bankroll.

Instead, choose one or a few sports you’re interested in, and check out which cappers specialize in that sport. Spend a bit of time on their dedicated chat channels, get a feel for the vibe, and learn their preferred betting strategies. Once you find a few that you're interested in, focus on them, and don’t be afraid of missing out by not tailing everyone.

Other than that, ParlayScience has a dedicated channel for glitches, which are specific picks with odds that are clearly way higher than they should be. This can occur both pre-game and live, so you’d better turn your notifications on for this one. There’s also a channel for boosts and promos, so you can utilize all the resources sports betting apps hand out.

What You Get With ParlayScience

The moment you become a member at ParlayScience, you’ll gain access to their sports picks Discord server. This is where all the fun happens. Here’s what you can expect to get with your subscription:

  • Daily single & parlay picks
    Tons of plays every day, including parlays for every sport and a few single plays that come up through intense data-driven analysis.
  • Huge team of sports cappers
    A vast selection of expert cappers, each one specializing in a particular sport or league. Each capper has their own dedicated “plays” and “chat” channels to make it easier to follow and interact with them.
  • Red Alerts, Boosts & AI Bots
    Dedicated channels to find glitched odds, sportsbook boosts and promos, and middle bet opportunities spotted by advanced AI algorithms.
  • Expert tips & betting strategies
    A bunch of guides and tutorials on the fundamentals of sports betting, including different betting styles, unit allocation, bankroll management, and more.
  • Large sports betting community
    5,000+ members who all discuss and answer other people’s questions about anything. Daily giveaways for community members who correctly predict match outcomes.

Picking the Right Package

ParlayScience membership

All it takes to unlock the entire ParlayScience Discord server is a single membership. To make things easier, the team offers a bunch of different options in terms of payment frequency. The tier most people opt for is the monthly one for $40, which is on par with other similar communities.

If you want even better value for your money, choose the quarterly or annual packages, which both come out to around $33 a month. If you’re not certain about whether you want the full monthly membership, there’s also a two-week access period for $25.

Each one of these packages will get you all the perks and features that ParlayScience has to offer, including the daily picks and every giveaway the community organizes.

ParlayScience - Join a Community of Experts and Enthusiasts Who Strive for Success!

Undertaking the research and data to place optimal sports bets can be very challenging, especially for newcomers. That’s where ParlayScience steps in. Let ParlayScience take over the research and analysis and provide you with insightful single picks and parlays.

👉Join the ParlayScience sports picks community today and let the expert cappers teach you all you need to know about sports betting. Become a member of this active community full of enthusiastic players now!