Red Hot Trade is a trading Discord community founded by Connor, a full-time options trader. The community serves as a hub to learn about options trading and follow Connor's trades in live sessions, all while teaching you how to find good entries and exits.

Education is crucial in trading communities like this one, and Red Hot Trade has a lot of happy customers in that regard—Connor is known for his ability to analyze and talk through his trades, which means not just quality trade alerts but also the reasoning for his trades and why he makes the moves that he does.

All of this, alongside a record of transparency that a lot of traders struggle to match, makes Red Hot Trade a great community if you want to learn about options and how to start making an income with trading. Let's take a closer look at what makes Red Hot Trade stand out as a trading Discord server.

Why Join Red Hot Trade?

Red Hot Trade is a small but growing community, and it’s fast making a name for itself as a prime destination for anyone who wants to learn to trade like a pro. What’s especially interesting is that Connor primarily focuses on live sessions for his educational content—there’s not as much on-demand or formalized course content here, but members absolutely dig his live content.

And it’s not just talking through market openings, either! Connor hosts targeted sessions that focus on various aspects of trading, such as watchlist building sessions that can be extremely useful for newer traders who often get lost in the sea of tickers.

All of the skills you need to develop as a trader are touched on in these sessions, and you can expect several sessions a day. In fact, Red Hot Trade even puts a few of these sessions out on the free section of the Discord, so you can get a great idea of what you’re getting into before parting with any cash—or stay involved and keep learning even if you need to pause Premium for a bit.

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Premium members are treated to multiple live sessions a day, though, and while the market’s open you can expect Connor to be doing his thing. This is where the magic happens, and it’s consistent value throughout the trading day, every trading day.

Transparency and Clarity

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One of the main things that sets Red Hot Trade apart from many other online trading communities is the transparency shown by Connor through his sessions and with his trades. Plenty of so-called trading gurus tend to be evasive about their actual positions and often try to hide losses, but Connor has a reputation for being just as happy to discuss the losses as the wins.

After all, every mistake is a learning opportunity, and Red Hot Trade’s currency is education. It’s all about bringing the skills of members up so that they can match the levels that full-time traders are able to achieve.

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In this regard, Connor’s clear, precise style of explaining his strategies and methods is perfect for traders of all levels. He’s always available to take questions even during live sessions, but it’s also possible to book consultations with him for 1-on-1 sessions if you’re a premium member of Red Hot Trade.

What You Get With Red Hot Trade

Let’s take a detailed look at what you’ll get by signing up with Red Hot Trade on Whop and getting access to their online trading community:

  • Trading Education
    Red Hot Trade provides traders of all levels with a fantastic educational experience, covering stocks and options as well as different trading styles including day trading and swing trading.
  • Educational Resources
    Premium members have access to the Red Hot Trade options starter education packet which is very highly reviewed by members.
  • Live Sessions
    You can follow Red Hot Trade’s Connor every day as he runs multiple sessions, both during trading hours and outside of them.
  • Trade Alerts
    Red Hot Trade provides some of the best trade alerts in the business!
  • 1-on-1 Sessions
    If you want more personalized training and need a crash course in some of the key trading concepts, you can book a consultation.
  • Real-Time Trading Data
    Red Hot Trade has a finger on the pulse of the market with all the real-time information you need thanks to Discord bot integrations.
  • Small Account Challenges
    Red Hot Trade also runs small account challenges with the member community, going all the way down to a $1k account.

Picking the Right Package

red hot trade options

If you think Red Hot Trade is for you, then you’re in luck—there aren’t any complex tiered plans or product categories to think about here. With Red Hot Trade, you get complete access to everything that the group offers with a single product plan, although you’ve got the freedom to choose how often you’d like to make payments.

We’d recommend the $50 monthly plan to start with, especially because it currently comes with a 7-day free trial. This means you can take a look at the community properly and get involved before your card is ever charged, and if you decide the group isn’t for you, there aren’t any strings attached.

Once you’re on board, though, definitely think about either the quarterly or yearly plan. The quarterly option would be our pick since it offers a significant saving on the monthly option, and still doesn’t take too big a bite out of your wallet. That said, Red Hot Trade is a massive bargain compared to many other trading groups, and $500 a year does represent two free months set against the monthly plan!

Join Red Hot Trade on Whop Today!

Red Hot Trade is a rising star in the world of trading Discord servers, and it offers an unprecedented level of bang for your buck! It’s a great place to learn about different trading styles as well as the strategies, methods, and mentality required to become a trader, meaning that it can help you no matter how much time or money you want to devote to trading. 

👉 So, if you want to receive alerts from one of the hottest names in options trading and level up your trading skills every day with live trading sessions and education, check out Red Hot Trade! Sign up to Red Hot Trade on Whop today, and get ready for your trading account to hit a hot streak!