To many, sports betting is a tough game, one with a lot of guesswork and even more luck. However, that’s not true for professionals like Sean Perry, the sports bettor who made millions from finding the edge over Vegas sportsbooks.

As a professional poker player and sports bettor, Sean Perry always looks for small advantages to make him a profit. That’s why he created the Sean Perry Wins sports picks community to teach players how to analyze sporting events and come up with the best plays possible.

Of course, he’s not alone in this. Together with his team of professional cappers and analysts, they thoroughly research tons of data daily and deliver expert picks on all major American sports.

In this review we will unpack the Sean Perry Wins Telegram channel, sharing Sean Perry's background, the purpose of the Sean Perry Wins community, and what you get when you subscribe to this sports betting group.

Who is Sean Perry?

Sean Perry

Sean Perry is an American Poker player. Sean comes from a strong poker background as his father is Ralph Perry, winner of the WSOP (World Series of Poker) bracelet in 2006. As such, Sean Perry entered the world of poker at a young age, winning his first title at the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown in 2017.

2021 was Sean's breakout year when he placed well in several tournaments and also finished the year as the #3 poker player worldwide. He now has over $7 million in live poker tournament earnings.

Apart from his poker endeavors, Sean Perry has always been very enthusiastic about sports betting. His unique approach and thorough research behind every play has netted him eight figures in lifetime earnings through sports betting alone. 

As a result of all these successes, Sean has become notorious for placing multi-million dollar bets on the Super Bowl, managing to win five years in a row. He even uploads viral videos of himself cashing out his massive wins. So, his sports betting adventures have led him to create 'Sean Perry Wins' where he employs top professionals to ensure his picks have the best edge against the books.

Why Join Sean Perry Wins?

Sean Perry Wins Discord

It is clear to see that Sean Perry is an experienced and successful bettor - but why should you join the Sean Perry Wins community?

Firstly, Sean has left poker behind to focus solely on sports betting. He works exclusively on his sports betting Telegram community and dedicates a lot of time to ensuring his plays are as insightful as possible. He also hires professionals in all aspects of sports betting - including analysts and cappers - to help him research his daily plays. The results are thoroughly researched sports picks with lines and odds moving in their favor. This is the key to potentially being profitable in the long run. 

Of course, the picks won’t hit every day. In fact, there may be several days in a row where they’ll miss by a small margin. But that’s where things like discipline and bankroll management come into play. Sean is a huge advocate of these, as it’s the only way to remain focused on your long-term target.

Several Daily Picks to Match Your Style

Sean Perry Wins releases several picks daily, primarily focusing on American sports, like NFL, MLB, and NBA. You’ll occasionally find UFC plays, as it’s a sport that Sean loves very much. All plays are split into different Telegram channels to make it easier to tail each individual one.

Every day, you’ll find one or multiple picks ranging from moneyline bets to spreads and over/under bets. There’s also the free play of the day, which is found on the free Telegram channel. Don’t be fooled by the title, as a lot of effort goes into the free picks as well.

The main course of Sean Perry Wins is definitely the Lock of the Day, which is the team’s strongest pick. Again, this doesn’t mean that it will definitely hit; it's just that it’s the play with the most value or edge behind it.

In addition to all this, Sean also enjoys coming up with parlay plays, as well as player prop parlays for those who want slightly higher odds and are willing to take a bigger risk. Finally, during the build-up to the Super Bowl, you’ll find a dedicated channel for that year’s winner, which has been one of Sean’s most successful bets so far.

What You Get With Sean Perry Wins

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect to get at Sean Perry Wins:

  • Several daily picks
    Plays on multiple sports, including parlays and single bets, delivered on time so you can get the best odds.
  • Experience and knowledge
    Learn all the essentials and advanced betting concepts from a professional sports bettor with 8 figures in lifetime earnings.
  • Dedicated Telegram channels
    Each pick type comes with its own channel on Telegram to ensure everything is neatly organized, and you can choose to tail the ones that fit you best.
  • Constant customer support
    You can contact Sean directly through his DMs, and he’ll answer any questions and help you solve any issue you might have.

Picking the Right Package

sean perry wins

Sean Perry Wins comes with a range of different subscription packages so all members can focus on the picks that they enjoy the most. If you’re just interested in the Lock of the Day, you can gain access for one, three, or seven days for $199, $379, or $599, respectively. 

Daily picks go for $199 a week or $399 a month, and you can combine them with the Lock of the Day for $1,599 a month. Sean’s daily parlays cost $200 for weekly access, while the player prop parlays are $100 for three days of access.

If you want the complete Sean Perry Wins package that includes all the picks mentioned above, you can get the Exclusive Yearly membership for $9,999. And if you want even more than that, you can contact Sean directly to enter as a VIP customer for $20,000. With this membership, you’ll get all picks earlier than everyone else and participate in meet-ups and events with Sean.

Football fans can also purchase the Super Bowl package for $199, which will come with Sean’s pick for each year’s event winner. Finally, if you want to test out Sean’s services, there’s the free Telegram channel, which includes one free play daily.

The memberships at Sean Perry Wins may be higher than other sports betting communities, but the group primarily targets high rollers with very large bankrolls. Plus, Sean’s experience and sports betting strategies make these packages worthwhile in the long run.

Sean Perry Wins - Let the Pros Do the Work for You

As you can see, the team at Sean Perry Wins takes their job very seriously. They are extremely dedicated to their craft, researching and analyzing every stat possible and considering all parameters before releasing their plays. If you follow them and tail their plays, you’re definitely getting great value picks that have the potential to make you profitable in the long term.

Join Sean Perry Wins today on Whop, and let Sean and his group of pros do all the hard work for you. Become a member of an ever-growing community that strives for success and aims to beat the Vegas books every day!