The online gambling industry is changing fast. The betting habits of sportsbook enthusiasts from a generation ago would seem alien to today's football or soccer gamblers. Gone are the days of jotting down predictions with tiny pens on paper bet slips, handling cash transactions, and inquiring with the bookie for outcomes. While brick-and-mortar sportsbooks and casinos still exist, their popularity is fading fast.

Today, almost all bets are made online, using desktop computers and smartphone gambling apps. Swap the betting office for your living room and the small paper pens and slips for an Android or iOS smartphone device. Many sports popular with in-store gamblers, including horse racing, greyhounds, football, and soccer, remain attractive today. But modern gamblers also wager on new options, including esports. The number of markets available to gamblers makes a mockery of the previous generation, with over 100 pre-game and in-play options on soccer. Gambling’s journey is still exciting, and it’s nowhere near reaching its destination or potential.

The era of remote betting has breathed new life into sportsbook betting, dragging it into the 21st century. The ability to wager on your mobile from anywhere worldwide has encouraged millions of new players. Sports fans who felt uncomfortable in a betting shop environment can now wager from the comfort of their home. Plus, with the arrival of many online sports betting communities, gamblers can now learn top tips from seasoned bettors.

With advancements in technology, the future of betting promises even more convenience, innovation, and exciting opportunities for both new and seasoned gamblers. In this article, we are going to take a look at the future of sports betting.

Your next move

Before we take a look at the future of sports betting, it's time to make sure that you have an online betting account. If you don’t already have an online gambling account, it’s time to get signed up. Check which apps are popular with gamblers and consider creating an account to secure a betting welcome bonus.

Top Tips

  • When you decide which of the many online sportsbooks you wish to join, click any link on this page to that bookie, register an account, and join. You’ll find multiple online gambling apps battling for your attention, but you must take your time to select the app that works best for you. The more you research, the better your decision and the less likely you’ll join an unsuitable bookmaker.
  • Join an app with an eye-catching welcome bonus, generous odds, a great range of sports, and multiple markets.
  • The betting industry in the United States is ultra-competitive, with bookies battling for your attention. The top bookies promote themselves as the best in the business, and it’s your job to separate the good from the great bookies. Stick to one sportsbook or spread the love and join several bookies, collecting the welcome bonus as you go.
  • The more apps you join, the more welcome bonus free bets and access to market top offers each time you gamble.

The online sportsbook gambling industry is always changing, improving, and evolving. The best bookies update and improve their offers, accepting new payment methods like crypto, sports like esports, and markets, including both teams to score. Knowing where the gambling market is headed can help bettors stay ahead of the curve and get the best from online gambling. This article focuses on some of the most critical trends in betting and how they will impact bettors.

Old Favorites

In the face of massive change and improvement, it’s essential to know the old favorites remain prominent. The most popular sports for betting purposes are horse racing and soccer, with football, greyhounds, and tennis closely following. These sports have been popular for generations, and despite facing increasing competition from esports and other new options, they remain the stars of the show.

Check the latest betting numbers, and you’ll see soccer attracts more daily wagers than any other sport other than horse racing. Unsurprisingly, horse racing and soccer are the most-watched events on television and live-streaming apps. It’s a great idea to branch out and try betting on new sports, but never turn your back on the old favorites.

While other options like esports have become more prominent, bookies have improved their soccer and horse racing coverage by adding more markets and specials. Try a new way to bet on a classic; you might find an exciting new market that increases your profit chances.

New Additions

After learning to love the classics again, try a bet on one of the new additions. The most popular and fastest-growing feature of online gambling is esports betting.

Experienced online bettors know esports is nothing new and has existed for many years. It went from a little-known tab at the bottom of your betting app to one of the main attractions, and although it may seem like an overnight sensation, nothing could be further from the truth. Esports’ growth is well-planned, detailed, and patient.

For years, esports didn’t enjoy the kind of coverage it deserved. The avid gamers liked to make predictions on competitions and games, but not much was known about the teams or players, so the stakes remained small. The gambling industry had invested years and millions of dollars into building esports; they just needed the perfect time to launch, and that opportunity arose in 2020 with the pandemic.

When COVID took hold, wiping out the sports industry and forcing millions of us to remain at home under lockdown, people had time to spend and few options. They wanted to wager on sports, but Euro 2020 and the Grand National didn’t go as planned and were either canceled, postponed, or played behind closed doors. Cue the timely arrival of esports, which burst onto the scene, giving bettors something to enjoy alongside virtual sports.


Recent trends show major bookies have ramped up the markets available for each sports game. While adding new sports to catch the eye of bettors, they’re also increasing the ways to wager on the sports you already know and love. More ways to bet means more ways to win, and you’ll find many of the top games offering over 100 markets. Research a game, and you’ll often find a better way to gamble.

Don’t stick to the moneyline or a specific market simply out of habit. Cast your net far and wide, hoping to land a monster profit. The leading apps always seek new and innovative ways to gamble on sports. Keep up to speed with the traders and their new markets, ensuring you are first in line to try a new addition. Not every new market lasts the test of time, but we see something that changes the game occasionally. Think both teams to score, a relatively new market that altered how we gamble on soccer.

Data Sportsbook Betting

Data drive changes to online sportsbook betting. They all rely on data from how we gamble to the markets offered by sportsbooks and the latest features. You’ll find examples of how data shapes gambling by the markets available in same-game multis. You can wager on a player to be carded, the total number of goals, a player to score or assist, the number of corners, and more. Wager on every game element and the most reliable data feeds accurately settle your bets.

Following the data can also lead you to a bet. Study the stats and trends in detail to uncover a betting gem. The more research you do, the greater your chance of finding a winner and making a profit. For example, if you’re wagering on an NFL game, check the head-to-head scores, the recent form of both teams and stats relating to important players. Does one name enjoy scoring more in a particular fixture than any other? Back them for the first touchdown or next point.

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We’re seeing a surge in bettors using AI to predict a game’s outcome. AI isn’t at a stage where it can correctly predict the result of every game and bring the gambling industry to its knees, and despite moving in the right direction, it’s unlikely AI will ever offer bullet-proof predictions. It’s also unlikely it’ll ever produce an engaging match report as AI relies on information already published to the net.

At present, the best AI platforms don’t update quickly enough to keep pace with the world of sports. But it’s obvious we are only at the beginning of AI’s journey, and its future remains unclear. You’ll find many predictions from experts on where AI will go next, but it remains guesswork.


Live streaming is a feature of the gambling industry available today but with tremendous opportunities. With more sports and fixtures available to watch on your desktop computer or smartphone, people are gambling more. Watch the action on an HD-quality live stream with expert commentary, updated stats, predictions, live scores, and more.

A faultless live stream encourages more people to gamble on fixtures, with bookies knowing members are likelier to wager if they can cheer on their predictions. Live streaming has created thousands more pre-match bets and bettors, but it’s also helping to boost pre-match betting. Watch a race, game, or fight live on your smartphone and look for a pattern or trend that could lead to a profitable gamble. Then act and get your stake down before the live trader spots the same pattern and adjusts the odds.

A Bright Future for Sports Betting

In summary, the world of sports betting is evolving rapidly, with online platforms and new technologies reshaping the way we wager. The future promises more convenience, innovation, and opportunities for both novice and experienced bettors.

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