Some sports betting groups have dozens of cappers, each giving out several plays daily. This can quickly become overwhelming, as you don’t know who you’re supposed to tail - especially when you’re just starting out. If you're looking for a sports picks community that is simple and streamlined yet effective, then Tradapicks may be the one for you.

Trada had been an active sports bettor for many years before creating his own sports picks Discord server. He gathered a team of analysts and moderators to help him with his research and plays and created Tradapicks, a flourishing community with more than 70K members.

Trada utilizes a very hands-on approach with his community, being the primary capper in the server. He’s known for his NBA player props, which make Tradapicks one of the top NBA picks Discord servers on Whop. He’s also available 24/7 through DMs on Discord or any other social media platform to answer questions or solve issues with members.

Thinking of hopping on Trada’s bandwagon? Join us in our Tradapicks review, where we check out what it’s like being a member of the community and what you get with your membership.

Why Join Tradapicks?


So, what makes Tradapicks stand out as an attractive option? The number one reason has to be the daily picks from Trada himself. A lot of research goes into these plays by him and his team of analysts to ensure each one is of high value. And you also get between 5 and 12 picks every day just from him!

Another benefit is that all plays are posted early in the morning so everyone can get the best lines and odds available. Trada works tirelessly every night studying matchups and stats to ensure all picks are ready between 6am to 9am. He even discourages members from betting his picks later in the day, especially if the lines or odds have moved since the value could be lost.

His passion and dedication have helped him amass a huge following on social media, with some of his accounts exceeding 150K followers. That’s partially why Tradapicks has such a high number of members, with 70K+ people currently active. On top of that, the server enjoys a lot of positive feedback from its members and has over 1K five-star reviews on Whop.

What’s certain is that Trada wants every member to know he’s available for any question or issue, regardless of how insignificant it might seem. Everybody is encouraged to contact him directly through DMs, and he aims to answer every query within six hours. He also organizes frequent giveaways and offers discounts to reward his members’ loyalty.

Learn How to Bet Effectively

Trada Discord

Apart from insightful and well-researched plays, Trada believes that betting the correct amount on every pick is crucial for proper bankroll management. That’s why his (and his team’s) plays are always accompanied by the proper unit amount you should bet on each one. 

Every amount corresponds to the confidence level for each play, and there are usually three levels of confidence – low, standard, and high. Being confident for a specific pick doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to hit, but rather, they have a high inherent value, according to the research Trada did on them.

Another important aspect of betting effectively is to pick and choose who to tail. While Trada is the server's main capper, his moderators also provide their own picks on multiple sports. Of course, each play they post is thoroughly researched and comes with an in-depth analysis.

The mods are ranked publicly based on their results and consistent, so everyone knows who’s running well. Trada also allows new people to test out for a moderator spot and provide their own picks and plays.

What You Get With Tradapicks

  • Several daily picks by Trada
    At least 3-5 plays per day, all posted early in the morning to maximize value by playing the best odds available.
  • Additional picks from mods
    The team of Discord moderators come up with their own plays with their performance being tracked based on their results and consistency.
  • In-depth analysis for all plays
    Every pick is presented with thorough analysis and reasoning behind it to ensure every member understands what they’re betting on and why.
  • Massive Discord community
    Trada has amassed a huge following on social media and his Discord server, with over 70,000 active members.
  • Consistent member support and perks
    Premium members can participate in giveaways and frequent discounts, and Trada keeps his DMs open 24/7 for anything that comes up.

Picking the Right Package

Tradapicks packages

When it comes to pricing, Trada keeps things very simple. One membership is enough to access the entire Discord server, along with all daily plays from him and his moderators. The monthly subscription costs $50, or you can choose the three-month membership for $100, which will basically give you a month for free.

If you want to commit to Trada and his picks long-term, the lifetime subscription is by far the best option at $299. You’re basically getting permanent access to all picks and plays for the price of six monthly memberships.

Alternatively, you can just access the Discord lobby for free, where you’ll find a brief description of how the server operates and posts about member winnings. This will allow you to check out the server first-hand and see if it fits your style.

Tradapicks - Let Trada and His Team Help You Reach the Top

It should be clear by now that Trada lives and breathes for sports betting. He’s put in tons of effort to create the Tradapicks Discord server and has gathered some of the best analysts and moderators out there. Together, they work relentlessly to provide the most insightful plays possible for tens of thousands of their members.

Join Tradapicks on the Whop marketplace today, and let the team of cappers led by Trada take you to the top! Become a part of one of the largest sports picks communities with tens of thousands of sports bettors eager to become the best they can be!