How often do you hesitate before making a purchase? With online scams becoming increasingly prevalent, more and more discerning consumers head straight to a business’ review section before confirming a transaction. With a plethora of business rating tools online - from Google Reviews to Trustpilot, and even personal social media platforms, consumer reviews have become an integral part of the purchasing process.

As such, businesses have to be extremely careful with how they respond to feedback, whether that is in the form of an online review, dispute, or refund request. Whop recognizes the importance of handling any customer issues with care, and that is why we have a robust Resolution Center. The Resolution Center handles disputes swiftly, typically within 7 days, and ensures a fast, transparent appeals process. In the simplest of terms, the Resolution Center is a tool that facilitates better communication between a customer and a merchant. 

In this post, we will take a closer look at what the Resolution Center does, how the process works, and how it can help both sellers and buyers reach an equitable resolution with ease. 

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Simple, Streamlined Dispute Resolution

The Resolution Center is a dedicated tool designed to streamline and simplify dispute resolutions and improve communication between customers and merchants. There are several ways that the Resolution Center works in order to achieve the best possible outcome for all parties involved. 

To begin, the Resolution Center provides a structured platform for dialogue. No more back-and-forth email streams or lengthy social media messages that can get lost amongst the wave of daily communication. Instead, all communication related to the dispute is in one place, leading to efficient communication and resolution. 

Plus, if customers need additional help with their case, Whop also offers 24/7 live chat support. When a person is already feeling dissatisfied, having to wait more than a couple of hours for a response can only escalate that dissatisfaction and turn a minor issue into a major inconvenience. That is why Whop offers round-the-clock support, allowing customers to be heard at all times.

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Dispute resolution can oftentimes be a lengthy process. Unlike other platforms that may take up to 30 days, Whop aims to resolve disputes within a 7-day window. We want to find a solution as efficiently as possible, while still maintaining fairness for both sides. So, merchants have a 7-day window to respond to customer concerns. If the 7 days pass and the merchant has not made contact, then the case is escalated to Whop for impartial review and resolution. Additionally, customers can open one case per payment made on Whop, allowing multiple cases for multiple payments.

If Whop decides in favor of the customer, then Whop may refund to the original payment method or provide Whop Credits, which can be immediately withdrawn. Original payments must be in fiat - cryptocurrency transactions are not eligible for dispute resolution.

If Whop decides in favor of the merchant, then the customer can still appeal this decision. This is a simple process - they simply click the ‘Appeal’ button to challenge the decision and present additional information for Whop to evaluate. 

👉 You can read more about the ins-and-outs of the process here 

Better Business with Whop

Whop is a platform for the new era of online entrepreneurs, and its Resolution Center safeguards both buyers and sellers throughout their journey. For sellers on Whop, the Resolution Center provides a centralized platform for clear communications, mitigating the risk of customers filing disputes with their bank. When it comes to online sales, chargebacks are common, and these can damage not only the income and reputation of a business, but also the health of their payment processing account.  

As for customers, the center allows for any issues to be resolved quickly and fairly without having to endure the painstaking process of opening a bank dispute, which can often come with heavy admin work and many delays. Rather than waiting to communicate during a bank’s opening hours, customers can communicate about their dispute with Whop 24/7. 

If you’re buying or selling digital goods, be sure to do so with Whop. The Resolution Center is just one of the many features available that improve the experience of both customers and merchants. Visit Whop today to unlock a world of features designed to make your experience seamless, streamlined, and reliable.