Going Digital

Victor Madu always had a knack for entrepreneurship. In 2019, he turned his combination of social media savvy and fashion sense into a clothing company For the Leaux. The brand was a big hit; before long Vic was pulling in seven figures in annual revenue.

Despite all the success, running a clothing line had its headaches. Sourcing blanks and materials was a logistical nightmare, and managing shipping & inventory led to huge overhead costs. Vic was thriving, and yet he sought a more scalable business model.

What he needed was a digital product that would require less effort while offering greater profits. Vic had always been a passionate and successful sports bettor, so he created GOAT Sports, a paywalled Telegram (an instant messaging app) chat to instantly deliver bet slips to subscribers.

It didn’t take long for the digital product bet to pay off; Vic’s followers flocked to his chat by the thousands. With his recurring revenue soaring, GOAT Sports was Vic’s new primary source of income.

Managing the Masses

Vic didn’t have to worry about inventory anymore, but there were still plenty of challenges to managing his new digital business. For starters, payment platforms struggled to integrate with his Telegram channel. Vic and his team needed to manually add and remove individuals from the chat based on the status of their subscriptions as a result. Since GOAT Sports was gaining new members by the hundreds, staying on top of this became impossible.

Simplifying Telegram access was just the tip of the iceberg. These clunky checkout experiences were also wildly expensive. Transaction fees climbed north of 13%. Dealing with thousands of subscribers also required reliable customer support, not just for members, but for the GOAT Sports team too. Lastly, sports fans who weren’t fans of Vic needed an easy way to discover GOAT Sports besides stumbling across his social media accounts.

If Vic was going to turn GOAT Sports into the business he knew it could be, he would need to make a serious change.

The GOAT Finds Whop

Vic moved GOAT Sports to Whop in April of 2023, and their transaction fees instantly fell by nine percent. He integrated his Telegram chat with Whop’s checkout; now members received access immediately after purchase. Customers gained access to 24/7 support courtesy of Whop, and Vic received a dedicated account manager to help manage his storefront, email marketing campaigns, partnership proposals, and more. Now GOAT Sports had enterprise infrastructure AND a new business partner.

Vic also listed the GOAT Sports page on Whop Marketplace; now millions of sports fans could find his Telegram chat! With GOAT Sports ranking near the top of the marketplace, his chat would be the first place anyone looking for betting help would check out.


9000 new signups

GOAT Sports received over 9000 new signups since signing up in April. With Whop’s Telegram integration, members automatically get added to the chat upon purchase and get removed should they cancel. No more chasing down freeloaders!

853 marketplace signups

Vic’s chat rocketed to the top of Whop’s sports communities on the marketplace. “[the Marketplace] has given us extra exposure, and showing up on trending has been really cool!” Not only has it been exciting to see, but GOAT Sports received hundreds of marketplace signups in their short time on Whop. These “extra” signups result in thousands of dollars in recurring revenue each month.

$7,000 + generated from Whop’s account manager

GOAT Sports’ account manager set up automated emails to bring back old customers while handling their day-to-day questions and requests. “With Whop we have our dedicated contact that we can hit up at ANY time. It’s been super helpful”. The program generates thousands in revenue each month while saving Vic and his team countless hours of work.

$60,000+ saved in transaction fees

GOAT Sports has already saved over $60,000 in transaction fees since moving to Whop. That’s a staggering amount, and the extra cash allows Vic to invest more into ad spending, giveaways, and content creation for his business.

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