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What is General?

Welcome to Whop’s ecommerce groups! On this page, you’ll find ecommerce communities and Discord servers that will cater to your every ecommerce-related need, whether it’s reselling, retail arbitrage, FBA, or dropshipping. These ecommerce Discord servers are your pathway to turning ideas into side hustles, side hustles into fully-fledged businesses, and businesses into financial freedom. This is how you can learn from entrepreneurs who’ve been on that journey and made it, with the added benefit of being in an ecommerce group full of people at different stages of the same path you’re on. Joining one of the ecommerce communities on this page is a great way to get yourself a leg up on the competition no matter the nature of your ecommerce brainchild—and even if you don’t have a solid idea just yet, you’ll definitely find your inspiration along the way as you learn the ins and outs of ecommerce from a variety of seasoned pros. So, whether you’re looking for high ROI leads and discount monitors, Amazon seller support, or even just a crash course in cutting-edge ecommerce strategy, browse these communities to get started!