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What is AI?

Welcome to Whop’s AI life hacks! Since ChatGPT first burst onto the scene in 2022, AI has become an integral part of daily life. Despite the technology being widely available, finding success with AI has proven elusive for most people. Yet there is still a group of people who use the technology to greatly increase their productivity or to take advantage of life changing business opportunities using AI. Those who effectively utilize AI life hacks are making the most of what is possible. Others may sit on the sidelines, still confused or in disbelief with how effective some AI life hacks can be. Rather than being a spectator during the AI revolution, jump on board by joining one of Whop’s communities that are dedicated to AI life hacks. Inside of Whop’s AI life hacks communities, you will find information on how to craft the best AI prompts, second brain templates, automations, and more. Armed with these tools, you’ll be able to effectively use artificial intelligence to start a brand new business or scale an existing one to levels that you have never seen before. We know that the FOMO is strong with AI, but we also know how overwhelming the information can be, which is why we have dedicated a life hack category entirely to AI. Some groups are completely focused on mastering artificial intelligence, while others are using AI to supplement other winning strategies. No matter the focus, all groups will give you value and knowledge worth more than their monthly membership, so check out Whop’s AI life hacks groups today.